Reliable, Award-Winning, Green Contractors

Model Remodel (MRM) is a premier, full-service green building contractor, serving clients in Seattle and its surrounding areas. Our talented crews work on a wide range of projects– from large new construction projects to small kitchen and bathroom remodels. Partnering with outstanding architects, skilled subcontractors, local vendors and visionary clients, we take exceptional pride in all that we do and ensure the quality of our execution.

At MRM, we deliver classic craftsmanship combined with 21st-century best practices. We do this with outstanding customer service, a commitment to high construction standards, and a built-to-last philosophy. We’re steadfastly dedicated to improving the lives of our clients while respecting our natural environment.

Today, our customers are looking to make their homes more comfortable, healthy, energy efficient and market-ready. Whether you’re adding a master suite, excavating a basement or recreating your empty nest, contact us to discuss your unique project.