Columbia City Backyard Cottage


Location: Columbia City

Type: Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU)
Year Built: 2016
Building Recap: Detached office and guest house built in the backyard
Considerations: Sustainability, multi-purpose usability, maximizing square footage

The DADU is a building by many names: backyard cottage, mother-in-law unit or carriage house are also widely used. This backyard cottage in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood was recently built by Model Remodel and designed by live-work-play as an extension of the existing bungalow home, though a separate structure entirely. The owners intend to use the dual-purpose space as a home office and extra storage, and have found new use for their backyard space with the fun, blue dwelling. Receiving a Built Green 4-star certification means the property is not only functional, but it’s highly sustainable too!

Detached Accessory Dwelling Units are small structures next to, most-often behind, the existing home on a lot. They can be used for a variety of purposes including: guest house, rental property, yoga or art studio, hobby space, and more. DADUs are a great way to supplement living space without creating a traditional home addition. Since they’re separate from the main property, they have more flexibility and opportunity for evolution as the owner’s needs change. In 2001, Seattle legalized the addition of these small properties on residentially zoned lots, making this couple one of the many homeowners taking advantage of the change. [Read more…]

Backyard Shed in Seattle’s Greenwood Neighborhood

Model Remodel met this artistic Greenwood client at the Phinney Neighborhood Association Home Design and Remodel Fair in January. She wanted to turn her underwhelming, minute backyard shed into one that would have the ambience of an escape—a place to gaze at the garden, paint and just relax. The project was a team effort by Model Remodel’s new in-house designer, Cat Schmidt, and new supervisor, Lincoln Skrypeck. The crew added new siding, roofing, insulation and windows. Now, it does just the trick for this homeowner!

Universal Design and ADUs

Architect rendering of new ADU design concept

Architect rendering of new ADU design concept

Announcing New Ballard Project: Universal Design and ADUs

A new approach in senior housing

We’re starting an inspiring new project in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood – a backyard cottage that will support the family’s aging parent – where he can live both independently and securely just a stone’s throw away.

Led by architect Sheri Newbold of live-work-play, sustainable architecture and interiors firm, the project team is designing an energy-efficient, 600-square foot cottage that will reuse the home’s existing garage structure.

Universal design elements are incorporated in the plans for this one-bedroom, senior dad pad.  The design blends contemporary styling and traditional details to complement the 1920s craftsman-style main residence at the front of the property.  We kickoff the project this month and will update you on its progress via future postings on MRM’s blog.

Are you interested in converting a garage into liveable space or adding an ADU to your backyard? Contact us anytime, we would be delighted to help!