Columbia City Backyard Cottage


Location: Columbia City

Type: Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU)
Year Built: 2016
Building Recap: Detached office and guest house built in the backyard
Considerations: Sustainability, multi-purpose usability, maximizing square footage

The DADU is a building by many names: backyard cottage, mother-in-law unit or carriage house are also widely used. This backyard cottage in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood was recently built by Model Remodel and designed by live-work-play as an extension of the existing bungalow home, though a separate structure entirely. The owners intend to use the dual-purpose space as a home office and extra storage, and have found new use for their backyard space with the fun, blue dwelling. Receiving a Built Green 4-star certification means the property is not only functional, but it’s highly sustainable too!

Detached Accessory Dwelling Units are small structures next to, most-often behind, the existing home on a lot. They can be used for a variety of purposes including: guest house, rental property, yoga or art studio, hobby space, and more. DADUs are a great way to supplement living space without creating a traditional home addition. Since they’re separate from the main property, they have more flexibility and opportunity for evolution as the owner’s needs change. In 2001, Seattle legalized the addition of these small properties on residentially zoned lots, making this couple one of the many homeowners taking advantage of the change. [Read more…]

4-Star Built Green ADU in Seattle’s Columbia City Neighborhood

Pre-construction meetings have just wrapped up for this modern Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in one of Seattle’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods. The Columbia City unit will be a photography studio and guest house, with a smart, modern aesthetic.

Sheri Newbold of live-work-play is designing the ADU, with construction going from the ground up. (For the companies’ previous partnership on ADUs, see photos from the Ballard Backyard Cottage.) The lower level will be a garage, with the living area designed above that. Sheri has created a space that is much more than a box; it incorporates an interesting mix of textures and angles. The siding will comprise boral and Hardie lap, with a standing seam metal roof. The materials are resistant to rot and provide “a fortress to the Northwest weather,” according to Model Remodel sales director Mark Lowe.

Model Remodel is especially happy to team up with the clients and designer, as all three parties highly value sustainable remodeling. With features like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) framing lumber, salvaged items for finishes, and fortified insulation, the project is trending toward a 4-Star Built Green Rating.

For progress photos and project updates, keep your eyes on the Model Remodel blog!

Model Remodel in Alaska Airlines Magazine

2015-07-01 Alaska Airlines Built Green photo spread
2015-07-01 Alaska Airlines Built Green photo spread

Frequent flyers can find the magazine on Alaska Airlines flights during the month of July

If you’re traveling by air this month, and you’ve chosen Alaska Airlines, give that in-flight magazine another look. Flip to page 124. Alaska Beyond Magazine’s July issue features Model Remodel, partners CAST Architecture, and the two companies’ wonderful Laurelhurst clients who chose green building.

The story highlights the area’s Built Green program. The article opens with a two-page photo spread of the beautiful, 4-Star Built Green Remarkable Laurelhurst Remodel project—a second-story addition to accommodate the home’s growing family. The spread pinpoints the project’s sustainable features, such as refinished floors, radiant heating and natural lighting. The piece also covers the process of remodeling or building within the Built Green program; the financial and environmental benefits of sustainable design; and the cool features of this Built Green home.

So, if you’re on an Alaska Airlines flight, instead of wishing away the minutes, read up on green building! For everyone else, view the story online here.

Green Home Tour This Saturday

MRM and CAST Site Sponsor NW Green Home Tour 2013
Natural Awakenings Magazine features MRM project on Cover promoting green home tour.

Natural Awakenings Magazine features MRM project on Cover promoting green home tour.

Get your walking shoes, bike helmet or carpool ready because the Green Home Tour is this Saturday.

Join us this Saturday, April 27th from 11a.m. – 5 p.m. for the 3rd Annual NW Green Home Tour. Take the free self-guided home tour and check out the project descriptions on-line. Pick up a Natural Awakenings magazine (available at various locations in your community) to circle your choices and create your own personalized destination tour map.  Interested in greening your home, adding a second floor or updating your kitchen?  Have you been curious to learn more about the new materials and finishes that offer your family healthier options, and help improve indoor air quality? Want to add character to your remodel and save money by purchasing used building materials? This event promises to inspire and educate you on all green home choices.  There are sustainability stops along the way at various vendors, too.

As for Model Remodel, we have teamed up with CAST Architecture to bring you a Built Green 4 Star remarkable remodeling experience in Laurelhurst.This modest mid-century house had two very important things going for it: its convenient Laurelhurst location and the owner’s 10-year connection to the community. However this beloved home, built in 1947, had many outdated limitations requiring the family to consider a major remodel. This growing family had ambitious project objectives: adding living space yet maintain the home’s original footprint; improving functionality; capturing additional daylight; connecting the indoors and outdoors; enhancing the home’s comfort and overall air quality; and, reflecting the homeowners’ love of Japanese aesthetics and traditions.

Learn more when you meet the contractor and the architect Saturday, between 11 and 5, Discuss YOUR project with OUR experts!