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Behind the scenes: Legat and Bolante w/Solar Panels

The Puget Sound Business Journal features Jason Legat and his company, Model Remodel in their Growing Your Business segment.  The author is real estate reporter, Jeanne Jones and the photographs are by Anthony Bolante on location at the Eastside Harvest House project.

Here is a link to the article but you will need a subscription to access the entire piece or pass by our offices and we can share the hard copy with you, too. If you prefer copy and paste this link in your browser:

The feature describes Jason’s experience and thinking in the initial stages of the company, the strategies to deal with the speed bumps in the economy and the Model Remodel vision for a greener future. Model Remodel, a Seattle-based company focused on responsible remodeling, from small projects to whole house renovations, and green new construction from Built Green 3 Stars through LEED for Homes Platinum and beyond.

Behind the scenes: Legat and Bolante w Cisterns

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Model Remodel

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Model Remodel is a design-build, remodeling contractor located in Seattle, WA. For over 20 years we’ve been building with purpose, craftsmanship and sustainability in mind. We are proud to continually make the list of top Seattle contractors for our beautiful interior designs and homeowner-focused remodeling process.

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  • Seattle Builder - March 19, 2012 - Reply

    Most of the home builders I’ve talked to are seeing more remodel work than new construction now. Which makes sense, since new construction isn’t cost effective when compared to the current price of pre-owned homes in the Seattle area. It’s now cheaper to buy a home and remodel it how you want it, instead of having a new home built.

    I’ve also seen an increase in Green remodeling, especially in bathrooms, since the market took it’s dive 2008.


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