We use this term constantly with our peers, clients and staff—it’s what we stand for. The MRM Way is another way of stating that we hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards. We’re creating a better reputation for contractors and giving our clients the quality, personal experience they deserve. Entering into an agreement with a contractor should have similar traits to a good relationship or marriage. After all, you’re inviting us into your home. We’re meeting your kids, hanging out with family pets and asking questions about your lifestyle. For a short while we’re a part of your family, and you’re a part of ours. This is how we take care of our family:

WE ask a lot of questions.

We’re not trying to prod into your personal life, we’re trying to help you design and build your ideal living space. We ask questions because we care—just like your parents! Things like style, concerns, neighbors and budgets are best discussed in a friendly and open dialogue. We like having real conversations.

We tell it like it is.

We want you to understand every last line of our contract and every step of our process. There will always be some “unexpecteds” that pop up during the building process, but as long as we’re honest, straightforward, and communicate with each other we’ll have a great time!

We talk about the nitty gritty.

No one likes to talk about money, but we get right in there and ask about budget from the get-go. We’re not trying to upsell you. We’re trying to make the most of your investment while paying our team livable wages—you’d be surprised that not every company does that. We give a fair estimate when we meet you, a detailed budget when you agree to work with us, and then we review numbers with you on a weekly basis during the build. We alert you before anything changes.


One of the most common complaints on a job site? It’s messy. Not ours! We treat our job sites like we would our own homes. We’re not going to leave the laundry out when we have guests over, and we’re not going to leave tools scattered around your house either. We clean up every single day: organize supplies, take out the trash, and store our tools. “Stacks not piles,” is our crew mantra. If it’s an MRM construction site, it’s going to be tidy, clean and safe.

We Care About Future Generations.

We’ve been committed to sustainability since our inception in 2002. For many companies waste diversion is an afterthought, but we build it into every project. We also give our customers numerous choices to make their home healthier: recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, and time-tested building practices. Building green doesn’t have to cost a fortune and we hope you’ll agree that the benefits are priceless.


Need more work done? Have questions during the build? Need something touched up? We’re around when you really need us—we’ll get back to you. Our relationship doesn’t end when the job finishes either, we’re always a phone call or an email away.

We Want to Make You Smile!

On the good days, on the bad days, at the beginning, at the end. Life is about the people you spend your time with. While you’re spending time with us, we hope to make you smile.

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