Our job is to help you visualize and create the space you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t stress about sorting through the possibilities alone. We’ll guide you in choosing: layouts, tile, countertops, cabinets, lighting and more. Together we’ll design a home so tailored to your needs, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Our in-house design team works alongside our carpenters to lead you through your home project from concept to finish.  Already have a designer? We also love collaborating!


Design-Build is a simple approach to home construction projects in which a single entity provides both the design and construction services. This single point-of-contact approach has a variety of advantages over the traditional Design-Bid-Build method for most remodels. It works great for renovation projects like kitchens, bathrooms, additions, basements and attics.

The Design-Bid-Build method uses separate entities to complete the subsequent phases of a construction project: an architect and/or designer for designing and a general contractor for building. Here at Model Remodel, we can do both.

The Benefits of Choosing Mrm Design-Build

One-Stop Shopping

Your time is valuable. It takes time to research, vet and meet the various professional needed to complete a home remodel. At Model Remodel, you’ll have one office and one team to handle everything. No need to shop around.

We provide services from conceptual sketching all the way through to the final coat of paint. Our team of experienced craftsmen and women are specialized in their field: estimating, design, project management, and of course—building. A great design is only as good as the carpenters who craft it.

Working with a Model Remodel designer means an easy transition from design to build, and faster decisions and troubleshooting during construction. After all, our designers and construction crew are all under one roof.

Better Budgeting

Our goal is to bring your project to life, while respecting your home and your budget. Being realistic about cost at every step is The MRM Way. You get a ballpark number at the outset, an estimate during Phase I (floor plans) of design and another estimate after all the selections have been made during Phase II.

When the designer and the estimator work closely together—they literally sit side-by-side in our office—a better budget is established and there is less movement in the numbers. Alternately, when the architect doesn’t talk to the contractor, you sometimes end up with two very different figures. Avoid the stress and communication errors that can sometimes accompany a separated team by choosing design-build. To learn more about estimating, head over to our Process page.

An Encyclopedia of Expertise

Cabinets, molding, hinges, countertops, appliances, flooring, lighting, paint, tile, sinks, faucets, knobs and handles—oh my! We all know too many options can be worse than too few. If you’re already feeling like you don’t know where to start or you have too many options, we can help.

Our design-build team has worked on hundreds of home improvement projects. Our combined expertise is the encyclopedia of remodeling; we’ll sort through the pages to narrow down the options within your style and budget. There are very few, if any, remodeling questions someone on our team doesn’t know the answer to.

Superior Communication

You are an integral part of our process. Not all designers will schedule regular check-ins and give you multiple options—we do. Designing is, and should be, one of the highlights of your remodel!

We pride ourselves on a design process that is a collaborative experience, in which you are sitting in the driver’s seat. As professionals, it’s our job to guide you when you need it and ensure your choices will be beautiful, functional and built to last. We do the heavy lifting by translating your design choices into exact measurements and instructions for the construction team.


Discover your options, visualize your space, and make informed choices. We’ll help you do all that, while making the remodeling process fun. Whether you have a distinct style already or need help defining one, we’re here to help. Your preferences combine with our expertise to create a space that is uniquely you. What you want always comes first.

A big part of designing a personalized space is asking the right questions. How much storage is right for your family? Do you want the sink to be easy to clean, a luxury designer brand, or both? Do you want marble countertops or quartz that looks like marble? Do you need more natural light? Our team obsesses over these details so you don’t have to.


We don’t charge you for an initial meeting—that’s not our style. Let’s meet and determine if we are the right fit for each other. From there our design contracts are set-bid, meaning we charge a single fee for a pre-determined amount of work that is dependent on your project’s size and scope. You’ll get multiple concepts, meetings and revisions without the stress of hourly billing. When you’re finishing up in design, you’ll sign a separate construction contract based on a detailed estimate for your particular project. To better understand construction costs, visit our Remodeling Costs page.

Meet Our Design TEAM

We’re lucky to have experienced, award-winning designers as part of our design-build company. Skilled in measuring as-builts, drawing up floorplans and even creating realistic 3D renderings, you’ll enjoy watching them come up with solutions you didn’t know were possible! Their detailed work is critical to setting our carpenters up for success. Design plans guide our construction team to create the exact space you had in mind including: where the cabinets go, what tile to order, where to install lights and much, much more.


Cat Schmidt

Lead Designer


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Model Remodel, April 28, 2022, Seattle, WA

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Lead Permit Specialist

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Megan Knight


Gather Your Thoughts

We encourage you to do some preliminary discovery on websites such as Houzz or Pinterest, depending on how much time you’d like to put in before our guidance begins. These sites allow you to create a digital scrapbook of spaces you like and are a great way to organize your ideas, save products and fixtures for later, and determine your preferences. Feel free to share your boards with us! We also have an extensive blog showcasing remodeling ideas and the latest interior design trends.

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