Bathroom Remodeling

A great bathroom remodel will overhaul your daily routine for the better. We design and build bathrooms of all sizes.


The Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

From spa-like experiences to petite powder rooms, we will design the bathroom of your dreams. You’ll be amazed how a well-designed bathroom can change your daily routine for the better. Some of the most reported benefits include: added efficiency, ease of cleaning, better lighting and simply more enjoyable. Take your dated bathroom and turn it into a place of relaxation with a new vanity, fixtures, tile and more.

Bathroom Renovation Options:

Remodeling an Existing Bathroom

Are you ready to give your entire bathroom a makeover? Old fixtures, aging tile and dysfunctional layouts will be a thing of the past. Updating your existing bathroom could include: converting a ¾ bath into a walk-in shower, adding a freestanding tub, increasing natural light or simply swapping out old for new. We can make any bathroom, regardless of size, feel like a luxury escape.

Making Your Bathroom Bigger

We’ve seen it all! Cramped showers squeezed into closets. Master bathrooms without any storage. If you’re looking to expand your bathroom we can help you discover space you didn’t know you had. Bathroom expansions can use space from adjacent rooms or utilize new space from a dormer addition. Add functionality and style to your bathroom in one thoughtful remodel.

Adding a Bathroom to Your Home or Basement

Whether you’re sharing a bathroom with your kids or simply interested in creating the perfect master suite, adding a bathroom will transform your home. Not to mention add value! We often add bathrooms to attics and basements, where they’re really useful but rarely found in older homes. Other times a new bathroom is part of an addition project.

Neutral master bathroom with freestanding tub and walk-in shower

Adding a Jacuzzi or Soaking Tub

It must be our long rainy winters that have Seattleites looking for a warm escape at home. We get it! Nothing says luxury like a large soaking bathtub. Enjoy the ritual of a hot bath, accompanied by your favorite glass of wine and a good book. We’re experts at selecting and adding bathtubs—both freestanding and built-in.

3/4 bathroom with black and white tile

Adding a Walk-In Shower

Don’t use the bathtub? More and more homeowners are opting for large walk-in showers instead. It’s all a matter of preference. Walk-in showers are both beautiful and easier to access than traditional shower/tub combos. We’ll help you think about every detail to make your new walk-in perfect: niches, seats, showerheads, tile and more.

Grey mosaic floor tile closeup and penny rounds in bathroom

Heated Bathroom Floors

We love heated floors, and you will too. They work by transferring heat through the floors using electrical cables or tubes of hot water. Tile floors in a bathroom are the perfect match for radiant heat, retaining the heat even after the system is turned off. Adding floor heating to a small bathroom can cost as little as $1,500, which is a relatively minor investment when you consider the overall cost of a bathroom remodel.

Aging-in-Place and Universal Design

Universal design is a method of creating spaces that are functional for all ages, ability levels and other human factors that might limit accessibility. Many homeowners think ahead and incorporate universal design solutions into their bathroom remodel that will help them as they get older. This include things like grab bars and curbless showers. An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant home is built with wheelchair or walkers in mind at every turn. Whatever your needs, we will create a design that is both functional and beautiful.

Replacing Countertops & Cabinets

As part of your bathroom remodel, we will assist you in choosing the right replacement vanity. Some vanities are a package deal with the cabinets (or stand) and countertop in one. Other times it makes more sense to customize the look with cabinetry and a custom-templated countertop. There are many options depending on your storage needs and the size of your bathroom.

Upgrading Toilet, Sink, and Fixtures

We’re firm believers that the details matter. Plumbing fixtures are a fun way to personalize a space in unexpected ways. From luxurious rain shower heads to trendy matte black faucets, there’s plenty of small options for making a space feel unique and special. We take into account your design goals, product quality and even ease of cleaning before making recommendations to you.

Custom Bathroom Tile

Tile is arguably the easiest way to make a statement in a bathroom. Whether it’s floor tile or wall tile, there are endless options for color, size, shape and pattern. We work with the very best tile setters in the business to create epic tiled surfaces that stand the test of use and time. Browse our portfolio to get a feel for what style you like, then our designers will go with you to Seattle tile showrooms so you can see the options in person.

Upgrading Plumbing and Electrical

When it comes to plumbing and electrical, we’ve seen it all. We’ll bring your bathroom up to code and upgrade you with products that will last. If we can reuse what’s already there, we will! Otherwise, we’ll start fresh to ensure you won’t have any future cracking or leaking. We use LED lighting, energy-efficient ventilation fans and other products to give you the most modern space. Don’t be surprised when we recommend in-floor heat for your bathroom—it’s one of our favorite low-cost luxuries when bathroom remodeling!

Choose the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Seattle

We pride ourselves on being one of Seattle’s best bathroom remodeling contractors. Our award-winning bathroom designs have caught the eye of many Seattle homeowners, encouraging them to finally take the leap and build the custom bathroom of their dreams. We make designing your bathroom as fun and interactive as you’d like. From showroom visits to 3D renderings, we’re there to guide you every step of the way. Likewise, during construction you’ll have a main point of contact and weekly meetings to review the progress. With Model Remodel, you’ll be glad you invested in a quality design-build contractor to help you see the potential of your space and deliver a time-tested bathroom. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Bathroom Remodel FAQs

When is a permit required for bathroom remodel?

Almost always. Major remodels, including bathrooms, require a construction permit from the city of Seattle or whatever city you reside in. Permits and inspections ensure project feasibility, safety and additional oversight.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

There are many factors, but it mostly depends on the size and layout of your bathroom. Most bathroom remodels by MRM, apart from powder rooms, start at $40,000. Keep in mind that changing the layout of a bathroom will increase labor costs, because all your home’s utilities will need to be rearranged within a small space. Master bathrooms with freestanding tubs and walk-in showers can cost significantly more for a custom look. Our design team will work with you to efficiently choose products within your budget, while only recommending quality products you can trust.

How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

A bathroom remodel could take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on the size and scope of the project. Not many people can work within a bathroom a one time, so subcontractors and carpenters have to be staggered on the schedule. If you’re planning on expanding your bathroom or changing the floor plan, your project will likely fall towards the later end of the range.

Who buys bathroom vanities etc. in a remodel?

Material purchases vary by contractor. At MRM, it depends on the type of project, type of material and preference of the homeowner. We often recommend and allow our clients to purchase certain materials directly, like a bathroom mirror from Crate & Barrel for example. Sometimes our contractor pricing works out in your favor, and we’ll recommend you order through us to save time, money or worry. With certain items—tile, plumbing fixtures, etc, the complex nature of the order might be best managed by our team.

What is a wet bathroom?

A wet bathroom is an intentional bathroom design with no clear distinction between the shower space and the rest of the room. The entire bathroom is designed to get wet, with drains located throughout the room or a sloped floor to guide the water towards a single drain. The most common example of a wet bathroom is the placement of a freestanding tub inside of a large shower area. Wet rooms can look incredibly stylish and are becoming more of a luxury design trend. They are also particularly smart for older homeowners or disabled persons who need additional accessibility.

When is the best time of year to remodel your bathroom?

Anytime! We work on bathroom remodels all year round in the Pacific Northwest. Even bathroom additions and skylights can be completed during Seattle’s rainy season by using tarping and other weather precautions.

I‘m handy and experienced. Can I DIY some of the project?

Unfortunately, due to liability reasons, we do not allow homeowners to do their own work or hire their own subcontractors. In order for our warranty to stand, we must oversee the remodeling process from beginning to end and be able to utilize our reliable subcontractor roster. Trust us, it’s a better experience for everyone!

I want to remodel my bathroom where do I start?

Contact Model Remodel by filling out our web form. We appreciate it when homeowners take the time to determine their budget and goals prior to speaking with us. Those things will help us guide you towards options within your budget that still meet your needs.

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