We excel in keeping our work sites safe, clean, contained and organized.  Investing in a remodel shouldn’t mean the rest of your home is left to fall victim to dust, debris or scuffs. Your new space should also be safeguarded from accidental damage until you’re ready to use it. This is where “site protection” comes in—it’s something that comes second nature and we never skimp on.


Site protection is the safekeeping of new or existing areas with temporary barriers so they stay clean throughout the construction process. Our crew is trained in creating efficient barriers between spaces-in-progress and the rest of your home, using materials such as: Ram Board, carpet protectors, temporary film and painters tape. Site protection will shield your home from possible mishaps of construction (i.e. knicks, scratches, stains, and dust), because there’s nothing worse than feeling like your whole home has become a construction site. It will also deter pets, children, and visitors from accidentally entering a construction site. Safety is always on our minds.

We regularly protect appliances, countertops, cabinet corners, floors, doors and windows. We also sanction off areas where there may be dust, odor or abatement that could contaminate the rest of your home. It is common to see air scrubbers running, which remove indoor particulates from the air using HEPA filtration. Typically all site protection is removed near the end of the project, keeping your home clean for the final reveal.

In addition to site protection, we also practice a “stacks not piles” policy. You should expect some tools and materials to be left in construction areas, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be organized. We clean up at the end of each working day, and make sure your home looks tidy and secure. We try our best to make a complex, hands-on business look as clean as possible.


Plastic walls and doorways are often installed to keep remodeling work contained to the area we’re working on. It looks a little spooky, but trust us… it’s worth it! Taking the time to install site containment will keep the rest of your home clean.


Flooring is typically installed prior to appliances, cabinets and other furnishings. Whenever possible, we keep your flooring investment protected under heavy-duty cardboard and drop cloths until it’s time for the final reveal.


An exterior remodel leaves ample opportunity for small nails and screws to end up in your yard, landscaping and driveway. We routinely use magnetic rakes to pick up small metal debris, so you can feel safer during the project and after we’re gone.