Scandinavian Home Gym & Sauna

Designer: Cat Schmidt, Model Remodel

Location: West Seattle, Seattle, WA

Scope: Garage Conversion to Home Gym

Simple and functional are the pillars of Scandinavian design, which we channeled into this home gym and wellness room. When the COVID pandemic hit our clients knew they needed a space at home to stay centered. They wanted a multi-functional, no-frills space that could ebb-and-flow with their needs. It would be used for yoga, a sauna and simple home gym equipment. A garage storage area was the best candidate for space, so we converted a nondescript garage corner into a modest home retreat.

Since the garage storage already had shiplap walls, the clients opted to keep shiplap—we just cleaned it up a bit and matched it in places that needed repair. We also repaired the foundation. It was uneven and cracking, which required grinding down a large hump to make a flat surface for the new flooring. An awesome, 100% waterproof engineered cork floor was chosen. It’s the perfect combo of softness (for yoga) and durability (for gym and sauna).

A large interior window was added next to the sauna to bring in some natural light from the well-lit garage, and the one existing window in the space was kept in place.

The 4-person spruce sauna was pre-made, but sized to fit the space. Electrical wiring was installed to support its addition, and towel hooks were installed on the left side.

To finish the room we added features that would add to the comfortability and function. Low-profile ceiling lights blend into the ceiling. A ceiling perimeter LED wall channel adds accent lighting around the mirrors. A new exhaust fan links up with the existing ductwork to pull any excess moisture out of the room. Lastly, an energy-efficient heat panel is mounted discreetly to the ceiling, and controlled by a thermostat by the door. All of the features were designed to be inconspicuous, with a focus on functionality. It’s a simple room, that fits with the coastal vibe of the Alki Beach house it’s in.

It was fun designing an unexpected bonus room out of an otherwise unexciting space. Garage conversions are becoming more and more popular as Seattle homeowners seek extra space to utilize. The resulting home gym and sauna are now an enviable and valuable addition to the home.

Photos: Cindy Apple Photography



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