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Home Features for the Coziest Winters

We all know how winters in the Pacific Northwest can be. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to boost your home’s comfort level with a winter remodeling project. Adding more textures and creating small nooks are great places to start. Installing heated floors or updating your fireplace design can be larger remodeling projects that have a big impact too. If you’re looking for some creative ideas and inspiration for cozy home features, use these interior design tips to make your home feel warmer no matter the weather.

Add More Texture & Textiles

Introduce more texture into your living space with colorful wool rugs, varied textiles, an exposed brick wall or a natural stone fireplace makeover.

Living room with black fireplace, walnut mantle and geometric rug

When using wool as a design element there are many options: vintage rugs, pet-friendly washable rugs, knitted pillows and blankets, wall hangings and even wool coffee table coasters. Incorporate a few more textures throughout your home, and you’ll notice how the organic materials make you instantly cozier.

Framed pictures hung at eye level, window treatments, throw pillows, and comfy blankets all provide much-needed texture too. Make any living space feel more inviting with layered blankets to keeping yourself snuggled and warm. Wood accents like a fireplace mantel, reclaimed barn wood (great for modern farmhouse style) or wall shelving can also add a great amount of texture to a room.

Create a Reading Nook or Dining Nook

Creating small spaces, or nooks, with a clearly defined purpose can be one of the greatest joys in your home.

Reading nooks are not only ideal places to curl up in a blanket and read your favorite book, they’re also perfect for meditating alone or holding a private conversation with loved ones. Create a reading nook that makes you feel warm and cozy all winter long by finding an out-of-the-way corner to remodel. Placing a reading nook near a large window with sheer curtains will allow you to enjoy the soothing natural light that filters in and feel a connection to the outdoors even on cold days.

Built-in reading nooks are defined by 1-2 walls of custom cabinetry with cushioned seating. They may also include built-in bookshelves, photos and knick-knacks, as well as decorative sconces or pendants to read at night. Give your nook a personal touch or bit of color with houseplants, plush pillows, wallpaper, and cozy blankets.

Built-in dining nooks can also provide a cozy space for one of life’s most common rituals—eating. Dining nooks, also known as kitchen banquettes, can turn a meal into an intimate and unrushed affair. Whether you want to create a dual-sided dining booth or only line one side of your table with a built-in dining bench, the elongated seating is both flexible and inviting.

Opt for Heated Floors

Cold ceramic or stone tile floors aren’t very enjoyable in the winter. Installing a heated floors will allow you go barefoot even if there’s snow falling outside. Thanks to advanced thermal technology, you can custom design a heated floor out of your choice of flooring materials. Adding heated floors can be a standalone project or part of a larger bathroom remodel, entryway remodel or whole house remodel.

Heated floors are not only more comfortable to walk on they also reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality. They provide heat at floor-level that rises the overall temperature in your home without air forcing dust around.

While you’re thinking about heat solutions, consider installing a heated towel warmer in your bathroom so you can step out of the shower and into a toasty towel. It’s a little luxury that isn’t very expensive to add any time of the year.

Install Triple Pane Windows

Distracting sounds from outside the home won’t make for good binge-watching of your favorite TV show. Neither will cold spots that never seem to get warm. Triple pane windows could be your solution! Drown out exterior noise and create a much better thermal barrier with high-efficiency windows.

Master bedroom with blue walls

Available in various styles, colors and materials, a triple pane window installation will also improve your home’s energy efficiency, curb appeal and value. Depending on where you live, a thermal window’s Energy Star rating will tell you how much money you can save every year. Whole house window replacement is an investment that will show it’s true value in the winter months.

If you’re ready to create some cozy spaces within your home, our design-build team is standing by. Learn about our home remodeling process, and determine if Model Remodel is the right fit for you.

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