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5 Custom Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Does your bathroom encourage restoration, ritual and a sense of calm? It should. A bathroom remodel can increase your home happiness and transform your daily routine into a welcomed part of your day.

Did you know that an hour-long bath reduces your risk of heart attack, improves blood sugar control, and can even protect you from illnesses and infections? A warm soak can also burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk! These are just some of the benefits that researchers are uncovering as they learn more about the trove of health benefits offered by soaking baths. Many other self-care rituals—like aromatherapy, gua sha, and body masks—known for their healing benefits also stem from morning and nighttime routines.

Do thoughts of your home bathroom spark that same restorative energy? If not, it might be time for a brand new design. A master bathroom remodel can give you the opportunity to add custom features and materials to your bathroom that are tailored to your preferences and budget.

With the right design ideas, a custom bathroom can serve as an in-home therapeutic retreat. Yet for far too many homeowners, the master bathroom is nothing more than a headache. Unsightly mildew, dated appearances and poor lighting make for a sad atmosphere. It’s no surprise that a majority of homeowners undertake a bathroom remodel simply because they don’t enjoy the space. Good bathroom design is not only important for home value, but also for your overall wellbeing.

So allow yourself to dream a dream that you can turn into a reality. With so many beautiful bathroom remodeling examples out there, it can be hard to narrow down your style and look. There’s a lot that goes into a bathroom remodel including: cabinets, countertops, sinks, tile, toilets, lighting and bathtubs or showers. Consider these top 5 bathroom remodeling ideas to create a sophisticated space with the highest possible return on your investment:


1. Bathtub Decks and Platforms

If your goal in a bathroom renovation is having a peaceful escape, your bathtub will likely come first on the list. Will it be the centerpiece or simply a functional addition? If you’d like your bathtub to feel spa-like, consider upgrading to a soaking tub with a tub deck or platform.

A tub deck is a ledge that surrounds your soaking tub and gives you an easy way to keep items within reach. It works well in small to average-sized bathrooms by creating a sense of space. A tub platform, on the other hand, is a raised floor that gives your freestanding bathtub its own well-defined stage. It is best suited for larger bathroom remodeling projects and creates a sense of luxury.

Don’t feel limited simply because your current bathroom layout seems better suited for one or the other; ask one of our custom bathroom remodeling specialists how your layout might be altered to accommodate whatever option you prefer.


2. Natural Lighting

Good lighting will dramatically transform any space, making it look several times its original size instantly. That can be an especially important consideration in a small bathroom. It’s absolutely worth your contractor how to get more natural light out of your available space, or possibly increase what light you already have.

Dormer bathroom with green shower tub combo and white vanity While installing brand-new or bigger windows is the most traditional way to boost natural light, skylight installation is an increasingly popular bathroom renovation option. There is an added benefit for windows and skylights, beyond the boost in aesthetic appeal. If you select windows and skylights that open, you get the added bonus of improved ventilation, which is especially important for reducing humidity and preventing the growth of mold.


3. Double Vanities

If there’s one thing couples want: it’s a double vanity! These larger vanities, with two sinks, give your main bathroom a boost by providing additional storage and complimentary spaces for you and your partner. Nothing ruins a peaceful retreat like too many items lying about, so the extra storage is key. You’ll also have extended counterspace, which will make the bathroom feel larger.

If you plan on selling your home in the future, the cost of a double vanity is a worthwhile investment. Many homeowners will only purchase a home with this extra amenity, so it’s a common selling point.


4. Glass Shower Doors

If you’re interested in a custom bathroom, but love a modern look: you need a glass shower door. They offer one of the cleanest looks you can achieve in a bathroom remodel. Glass shower doors make any space seem bigger by integrating the shower space into the rest of the room, expanding sightlines. If you have a smaller master bathroom, this change will instantly help to remedy that all-too-common, cramped appearance. Glass shower doors will add elegance and modernity to any bathroom renovation.


5. Decorative Tile

Do you thrive when surrounded by colorful, energizing patterns? Or do you prefer a simpler, more natural vibe? Decorative tile is one of the trendiest bathroom remodeling options available because the options are so many variations! Bathroom tiles come in innumerable colors, textures, and sizes to match any style.

Eye-catching mosaic patterns can be used from floor to ceiling, adding charm and vitality to even the smallest spaces. Or, if you prefer something that helps you to slow down and take a deep breath, nothing beats the soothing uniformity of more neutral tiles, which create a sense of consistency and separation from the chaos of the outside world.

Non-porous stone is always recommended in the bathroom. Luckily, contemporary tile makers create beautiful cement look-a-like tiles from porcelain that are easier to clean and upkeep. A fun flooring pattern could be just the thing your bathroom is missing.


More and more homeowners are seeing the value in designing a custom bathroom for their forever home. Bathroom remodeling projects are especially popular because, when done right, they can reduce your monthly energy bills. That’s because when you make green choices, like opting for more water-efficient fixtures or LED lighting, you can drastically cut down on water and energy use.

As you begin planning out your long-overdue bathroom remodel, consider these 5 custom bathroom solutions. Even incorporating just a few will make your bathroom a place you want to spend more time in—a place of rejuvenation. We are here to help you navigate the infinite bathroom remodeling options out there and arrive on a design that you’ll love for many years to come. Just take a look at our bathroom remodeling portfolio and jot down the ideas you like best. Our designers can’t wait to come up with a custom bathroom for your home!

Written by Model Remodel

Model Remodel is a design-build, remodeling contractor located in Seattle, WA. For over 20 years we’ve been building with purpose, craftsmanship and sustainability in mind. We are proud to continually make the list of top Seattle contractors for our beautiful interior designs and homeowner-focused remodeling process.

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