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Model Remodel’s Home Gift Guide

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to tackle that shopping list so you can avoid the last-minute rush. If you know a family member or friend who has recently purchased a new home or completed a remodel, you may consider gifting them something for their new space. Buying for someone else’s home can be a tricky affair, since our homes are such personal spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose something that fits their style (and thoughtfully includes a gift receipt). Watch as the recipient opens what’s sure to be a unique gift this holiday season—and feel a sense of accomplishment for not having resorted to a gift card. To help in your search, our office staff has rounded up a list of our favorite home gifts, many of them local to Seattle! Enjoy our 2018 Seattle gift guide.


Pacific Northwest Prints & Art

There’s something special about a local graphic or photo you can relate to. For the Pacific Northwest lovers on your list, consider getting them a nice print so they can show their city or state spirit. The Seattle Times has a nifty, online photo store where you can order newsworthy prints by staff photographers. There’s also a bunch of local makers who sell beautiful, locally-themed art, such as Brooke Westlund, Tim + April, and Sarah Wright

Painting by Seattle-based artist Sarah Wright
Painting by Seattle-based artist Sarah Wright (click to see full painting)


Wreaths & Florals

For those hard-to-shop-for friends and family, a beautiful wreath or floral arrangement can make for the perfect, seasonal gift. A trip to Pike Place Market may not be in the cards as the season gets busy, but Bouqs.com offers sustainable arrangements any day of the week. Or go local, and place a custom order with Verde & Co., one of our favorite Seattle flower shops. It’s amazing how a few flowers or greenery can really brighten a place up, and create the cozy vibe everyone yearns for around the holidays.

Wreath by Verde & Co., Seattle florist
Wreath by Verde & Co.


Coffee Essentials

There’s nothing we Seattleites need more on these dark winter days than our fix of coffee. For the caffeine enthusiast, a nice coffee gadget and a bag of locally-roasted beans is all it takes to perk them right up! Consider this nifty Ember Mug, which keeps drinks warm at the office or at home for up to an hour. Perfect for the busy coffee-lover in your life.

Want to give the gift that keeps giving? These local roasters offer coffee subscriptions of varying lengths, and are a favorite of ours: Herkimer, Caffe Vita, Victrola, and Zoka Coffee.

Herkimer Coffee drip blend bag


Bath Caddy

The only thing better than enjoying a brand new bathtub, is enjoying it with a good book, a fresh scent and a glass of wine. A bath caddy is the perfect gift for those self-care pros who appreciate a handmade gift. There’s tons of beautiful designs on Etsy, or you can DIY your own by following Dunn Lumber’s How To online. Pair it with a San Juan Island Sea Salt gift set or some Washington wine for a hyper-local bath experience.

Dunn Lumber Dual-Purpose Bathtub Caddy and Breakfast Tray shown in bathtub
Dunn Lumber Dual-Purpose Bathtub Caddy and Breakfast Tray


Classic Cookware

A move or remodel is the perfect time to swap broken or worn-out cookware for some brand new stuff. If your family member or friend just moved, consider getting them cookware they can use for years to come. You can’t go wrong gifting this timeless cast iron skillet, which weighs half as much as heftier versions. Or opt for something less traditional and gift a sleek rice maker. If you really want to splurge, a Le Creuset dutch oven is a versatile item that will please any avid or aspiring cook.


Ring Doorbell

For the tech-savvy homeowner on your list, a Ring video doorbell is the perfect gift. Protect packages, monitor visitors and have peace of mind that you know what’s happening at your front door after installing Ring. It not only detects motion in your yard, but also send notifications and allows you to speak through it’s microphone. For those who travel often, live alone, or simply like having a connected home,  a video doorbell is a great first step. Ring comes in a variety of power and color options, so you can find a style to match the person or home.

Ring doorbell next to home front door


Specialty Glasses

A set of Glassybaby drinkers can be the perfect, usable gift. Whether they’re into design, collector items or just appreciate a fine cocktail now and again, these glasses are always a hit. They come in so many colors—you’re sure to find the one that suits them best. Gift them along with a bottle of local gin or whiskey for a nice set they can use on the spot!

Glassybaby drinker hand-blown glasses show in three colors


Rechargeable Batteries

Wait a minute, batteries? You heard right. Nothing beats a gift that you’ll use daily. Rechargeable batteries are a convenient, simple gift that will take anyone’s home from wasteful to environmentally-friendly in a small, but powerful, way. Your remote, cordless mouse, flashlight, milk frother and much more still rely on batteries. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just recharge them? It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive gift that we guarantee they won’t see coming, but they’ll thank you for later.

Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries


Indoor Potted Plants

Not only can plants reduce physiological and psychological stress, they can also increase indoor air quality and make you happier. What’s a better gift than that? From a large planter to a tiny terrarium, you can choose the size to match the recipient’s space. Customize the gift by potting it in local pottery or by simply choosing a color scheme that matches the home. We always find great plants at Ballard’s Swansons Nursery and Fremont’s Indoor Sun Shoppe.


Naturally Scented Candles

It may be a typical gift, but it’s a versatile one. From Paddywax, which you can purchase at your local Whole Foods, to our favorite local candle makers like Seattle Candle Company or Good + Well Supply Co.—candle options abound! Candles make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers because they don’t have an expiration date. Choose soy wax or beeswax for an eco-friendly candle option, and scan the labels to be sure the candle you’ve chosen is free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes and colorants. The recipient will appreciate that you’ve gone the extra mile to get them something that is both soothing and natural.

Seattle Candle Co - Beach Bonfire candle on plaid scarf


Customizable Gift Baskets

Still not sure to get someone on your list? Have a hard time choosing items that go together? Gift wrapping not your thing? Check out Knack in Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row for ideas or head to their online store to create a gift box. They specialize in putting together lovely, personalized gifts from local vendors and hand-selected merchants. You can shop according to person, price, interest and even merchant values such as sustainability or women-owned. Customize as little or as much as you’d like. Each box comes expertly packaged and wrapped, too.

Just Breathe Spa Gift Set by Knack


Regardless of what you decide to gift, remember to ask for a gift receipt at checkout so you really can’t go wrong. We hope our Seattle gift guide was helpful, and wish you all the best this holiday season!

Written by Model Remodel

Model Remodel is a design-build, remodeling contractor located in Seattle, WA. For over 20 years we’ve been building with purpose, craftsmanship and sustainability in mind. We are proud to continually make the list of top Seattle contractors for our beautiful interior designs and homeowner-focused remodeling process.

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