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Trending: Microwave Drawers for a Modern Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are a multitude of options and upgrades to consider as you elevate your space. You want your kitchen to be both functional and beautiful, so it makes sense that any upgrade should fall into one of those two categories. The microwave drawer falls into both. There are a handful of additional benefits to this modern, built-in style versus a standalone or above-stove model.

What is a Microwave Drawer?

Developed by Sharp back in 2005, the microwave drawer has steadily grown to become a favorite upgrade by homeowners and designers alike. Their popularity comes, in large part, due to their aesthetic appeal and convenience. After all, beauty and convenience are the ultimate luxuries! Now all major appliance manufacturers have a drawer model in their lineup.

Unlike traditional microwaves that are placed on the countertop or above the range, microwave drawers are typically built-in to lower cabinetry. Instead of the traditional door access, they open at the touch of a button or on pull-out hardware, like your silverware drawer. Microwave drawers are becoming more and more streamlined with models available that even open with the wave of your hand.

Installing a microwave drawer in your base cabinets, wall cabinets, or even in your kitchen island offers many options for a sleek and seamless look.

Homeowners may be concerned that microwave drawers are a newer trend and question the longevity, but we can assure you they are here to stay. Plenty of homeowners agree that they will never go back to a standalone or above-range model.

Why Should You Use a Microwave Drawer in Your Kitchen Remodel?

Microwave drawers offer many benefits that make for a better overall kitchen experience. From improving counter space and accessibility, to freeing up valuable space for other more aesthetically pleasing opportunities, to safety features. Microwave drawers really are the future of convenient cooking and have become the new standard in kitchen remodeling.

When used in lieu of a countertop model, a microwave drawer can free up valuable counter space. This ultimately enhances the food prep experience. More counterspace is a perk for big families, foodies, and those that enjoy entertaining guests frequently. They are especially useful in a small kitchen where space is already limited. When used in place of an over-the-range model, taking the microwave out of the equation allows homeowners to add a decorative range hood with a show-stopping backsplash. This combination, like the one pictured below, can set the stage for an impactful moment in any kitchen design.

With a drawer model, the microwave is no longer a major appliance that draws attention. Instead, it’s quite literally tucked away and easily unnoticeable, leaving more clutter free counterspace or room for beautiful design features.

Microwave drawers also provide practical and safety benefits in the kitchen. Bringing the microwave down to waist level is both a more ergonomic solution and a safer solution for many homeowners. For individuals with limited mobility or disabilities, bringing the microwave below the countertop height eliminates the need to reach up high to retrieve hot food, which can be particularly dangerous with hot liquids. If you have children, a microwave drawer is also easily accessible to them.

Even if you prefer not to use a microwave, incorporating one into your kitchen remodel is important for future home value should you decide to sell. Though microwave drawers do cost significantly more than traditional models, the uncluttered look is very appealing to modern home buyers who often judge a home by its kitchen.

How to Integrate a Microwave Drawer into Your Kitchen

If you’re thinking about including a microwave drawer in your kitchen remodel, we always recommend working with a professional who can guide you towards the best brands, styles and positioning. Beyond matching the finish and size to your designs, they’ll coordinate with your cabinet maker to ensure a seamless fit that works properly.

While it’s easy to get swept up in the latest trends, it’s sometimes difficult to know what will stand the test of time. To achieve a balance between form and function, we recommend working with a professional who can guide you in determining what investments will get you the most bang for your buck. The remodeling designers at Model Remodel agree that a microwave drawer is one of the most practical and modern kitchen upgrades you can make.

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