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Model Remodel’s Jason Legat Gives Back

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Most would agree that one of the best parts of the holiday season is giving gifts to loved ones, rather than receiving. Through so many worthy charities, many people also know how rewarding it can be to give gifts to those who may have otherwise gone without. For the holidays, Model Remodel would like to highlight the leadership of giving by the company’s owner, Jason Legat.

Jason grew up on Whidbey Island in the small town of Coupeville—population 1,500, graduating class of 40 people. At the age of 2, he met Dan Nieder and began a friendship that has continued to this day.

Ten years ago, the men decided to heighten their civic engagement in Coupeville. They developed a scholarship fund for a Coupeville High School student who lacks resources but wants to go into the trades, to a vocational-technical school, or to a community college. Jason and Dan work with the school’s scholarship committee to narrow down the pool, and then they select the student based on a written piece, letters of recommendation, and the student’s extracurricular activities.

“We both have strong ties to the community,” Jason says. “We want to do something that will continue the same generosity that we felt growing up.”

Every year, Jason and Dan drive up to Whidbey Island, go for a hike on the scenic Ebey’s Landing, have dinner with their families, and attend the scholarship ceremony.

“Each time, we’ve been really proud of the people we’ve chosen,” Jason says. “It’s really satisfying to see their faces as we hand them a scholarship certificate. It’s just a really great day and a reminder of how much we appreciated growing up there.”

This holiday season, we at Model Remodel hope you enjoy the warm feeling of giving, whether it is to friends, family or charitable organizations.

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