The Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

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From natural elements to architectural curves, there are a number of interior design trends that are likely to dominate in the year ahead. As a design-build company, we’re always looking at what homeowner’s want and how they choose to decorate their homes, so we can better design for our clients. Our interior designers have noticed some of these trends already surfacing, while others they predict will begin to trend in the new year.

Most of these interior design trends for 2022 build on the concepts we’ve already seen in the past few years: nature, personalization, sustainability and indoor-outdoor space. Others are newer to the interior design scene. Read on to explore our predictions.


Eclectic Modern Interior Design

A 2022 interior design style that’s going to dominate is eclectic modern. Homeowners will seek to keep the bones of the house—walls, ceilings, baseboards—neutral and minimal, so they can add their own eclectic design to the furnishings. A simple backdrop gives plenty of room to play with layering interest such as mixed metals, textiles, unique fixtures, interesting hardware and vintage finds.

Taking a less is more approach was popular over the past couple years, as people needed to simplify the surrounding they were spending so much time in. It’s time to layer back in fun home décor, patterned textiles and bold furniture.

One bonus of this style of interior design, is the impermanence. A neutral base gives you opportunity to mix it up, change your mind and reinvent your spaces. You can keep things fresh and new without repainting or changing the architectural elements of a space.


Natural Textures & Warm Tones

It’s no surprise that we’ve developed a need to bring some of the outdoors inside. Beyond indoor plants, which we’re seeing plenty of, homeowners are seeking to integrate natural textures into their living spaces too. Rattan, caning and wicker have made major comebacks, and have even made their way into luxury home design. Natural materials can make a space feel more calming and cozy, creating the same sense of peace that is often achieved when being outdoors.

Natural wood cabinets are also resurfacing, but in a modern way. Instead of the traditional cabinet doors of the 90s and early 2000s, sleek slab front wood cabinets are becoming a key trend. They add interest, without overpowering, by focusing entirely on the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Limewashed walls are nothing new to the design world either, but are starting to show up in modern design because they add an element of natural imperfection to a space.

In terms of home décor trends, they’re following suit. The stark whites and grays of before are being replaced with slightly warmer hues. Softer whites and greiges will be common, allowing homeowners to feel grounded and comforted. Green paint is also having a major moment. Whether it’s green kitchen cabinets or bold green walls, green is certainly our color of the year.


Biophilic Design

Along the same lines, biophilic design is becoming more mainstream. Biophilic design is an architectural term used to describe design that integrates with the natural environment. Biophilic design is meant to improve occupant physical and mental heath by create living spaces that in one way or another mimic nature.

Some examples of biophilic design include: house plants, living walls, flora and fauna wallpaper, skylights and natural curves. Seeing the sky, having greenery and getting fresh air will all contribute to a sense of oneness with nature.

Just like last year, large bi-fold and sliding doors are increasing popular. Creating indoor-outdoor spaces at home has been a priority during the pandemic and is likely here to stay. Full-wall doors also let more of the light in, balancing our circadian rhythms and helping get us past the darkest parts of the year.


Arches & Curves

Speaking of natural forms, you could say that arches and curves are the new wave of home and furniture design.

We’ve been seeing a surge in postmodern design when it comes to furniture for the past few years with rounded details and 80s reference pieces. Almost every major retailer is selling some sort of curved credenza or wavy midcentury couch. We’re already seeing this trend making its way into more permanent elements of the home, too.

This interior trend includes elements like arched windows and doorways, curved casework in kitchens or wet bars, and curved built-in seating. Adding a slight curve to the clear lines of modern design helps soften a space and create a more versatile interior.

It’s one of those interior design trends that will likely keep coming back into fashion and is a favorite of many interior designers right now. There’s something grand about an archway, and it’s easy to adapt to modern interior design.



We are ecstatic that this interior design trend once again makes the list! What’s not to love about sustainable design? Eco-friendly products, salvaged materials, and energy-efficient lighting are healthier for your home and often higher quality than something you would buy in a big box store.

We’re seeing a huge increase the popularity of cork flooring, which we only expect to grow. Cork is exceptionally quiet underfoot, environmentally friendly, comfortable and serves as a natural thermal insulator. It also fits perfectly with two of the other design trends we’re predicting: natural textures and biophilic design.

Reclaimed wood, or salvaged wood, is also continuing to trend. Using reclaimed wood in a living space adds interest and warmth at the same time. There’s plenty of ways to use reclaimed wood that don’t fit the farmhouse feel. Using a single tone of wood, black accents or geometric patterns can keep it more contemporary.

While home décor may come and go, we often explain to homeowners that it’s the more fundamental choices that are made during construction that have the most impact. If you’re embarking on a remodeling project in 2022, make sure you talk with your builder about ways to bring sustainability into the build. Insulation, HVAC and other building envelope decisions can be just as important as what materials you choose to decorate with.



Living room with antique furniture

Surprisingly, we’ve seen Cottagecore in the spotlight the past year. While this may not be a lasting trend, it’s possible we’re going to see some sort of traditional-inspired interior design in 2022. It’s likely to transition to something less country and a bit more regal though. Think more decorative and antique–dare we say like Bridgerton–with textured florals, gilt-edged mirrors, and ornate millwork.

These pandemic times have created a purchasing frenzy, leaving many people asking ‘What’s available now?’, so shopping for vintage and antiques is a great way to circumvent the supply chain. It also makes shopping for home goods and vintage furniture into a hunt. Some people find it rewarding, while others can be frustrated by it. Regardless, vintage pieces are a hot commodity these days and will certainly continue to be a part of our interior design into 2022.

Pastel paint colors like duck egg blue, soft pink and sage green may find their way into a palette that has been dominated by bold colors as of late. Decorative elements such as ruffles, pleats and tassels might even make it to the mainstream in the next few years, depending on how the style evolves.


Seattle Interior Designers

Looking for an interior designer for a home remodeling project in Seattle? Our interior designers are keeping up with the latest interior design trends, but also recommending products and styles that will stand the test of time. They’d love to share what other interior design trends they’re predicting and hear about your home design dreams.

Our designers work hand-in-hand with our construction crew to bring your remodel to life, simplifying the home remodeling process. Our process and team is perfect for busy homeowners who want someone to guide them through the project, and be their champion, from start to finish. You’ll enjoy our interior design process, which helps you visualize the layout and choose from multiple options.

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