Biophilic Bathroom With Wet Room

Designer: Morgan Bishop, Model Remodel

Location: Mt. Baker, Seattle, WA

Scope: Primary Bathroom

Sustainability: Low-VOC paint, 50%+ recycle rate, vanity reuse, CARB II-compliant cabinetry, LED lighting, fiberglass windows, low-flow water fixtures

Our goal was to create a minimalist bathroom that unites two emerging interior design trends, biophilic design and a wet room, into one serene space. This primary bathroom remodel kept the original layout, but swapped finishes for more modern ones. New tile, plumbing fixtures, hardware, lighting, soaking tub and a linen closet were chosen. The resulting bathroom is a calming space grounded in green.

Biophilic design is a style that incorporates natural elements and evokes a sense of being out in nature. Colors, textures, patterns, shapes and organic materials are meant to mimic nature and blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. Natural lighting plays a big role in keeping this bathroom remodel bright and airy. Geometric white tile was installed in a varying pattern to create waves of light. Muted green floor tile has a subtle, earthy texture that mimics a mossy forest floor. It’s especially rainforest-like when the heated floors are turned on to a create a gentle warmth underfoot. The existing wood vanity adds a nice bit of natural wood grain, as does the wood stool.

If you’ve been keeping up with bathroom design trends, you also likely know about bathroom wet rooms. A wet room is a combination space that has no separation between the shower and the bathtub. It’s a modern look that is both beautiful and functional, utilizing one space for two bathing options. This wet room has both a dual shower and a Japanese soaking tub. Black plumbing fixtures are high-contrast against the crisp white. A shower shelf provides a simple ledge for soap and shampoo, which was a design choice we made after discovering existing pipes behind the wall that prevented us from creating a recessed niche. This alternative storage solution is modern and unique.

Next to the vanity, we added a new linen closet in soft white that blends effortlessly into the corner. Functionality and simplicity are balanced in this soothing biophilic bathroom with wet room.


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