Chic Neutral Kitchen

Location: Wallingford, Seattle, WA

Scope: Kitchen, Dining, Entry

Sustainability: 50%+ recycle rate, low-VOC paint, LED lighting, CARB II-compliant cabinetry, low-flow water faucet, Marmoleum flooring

This small kitchen remodel is as chic as they come. White shaker cabinets, gold hardware, a built-in range hood, and simple wood shelves all fit within the expertly styled space. A swap to the front door location gave this kitchen a little more breathing room to reposition appliances for the most effective layout. Even a small kitchen can make a beautiful statement with a neutral color palette.

The front door was swapped from the kitchen side to the dining room side, effectively creating a new wall for more cabinetry and a better positioned cooking area. The oven was once on the opposite wall from the kitchen, but is now snuggly within the L-shaped layout. This repositioning will have a huge impact on the homeowners’ cooking experience, making pot filling, food prep, and washing all within arm’s reach.

The existing kitchen design was dated with chipped cabinets and a tiled countertop. Everything was upgraded top to bottom. New cabinetry has expanded functionality, perfect for making the most of the small space. A small drawer near the stove is designed for spices. A pull-out pantry slides easily from next to refrigerator. Corner cabinets are outfitted with Super Susans that provide even more pantry and oversized item storage.

In place of the original door is a small window, brining a bit of additional natural light into the space. This smart design placement allows even more light to bounce off the white finishes, making the space appear larger than it is. The solid surface backsplash is another smart design choice for a small kitchen, creating a visual endlessness that helps the space feel open. White quartz has a slight veining, mimicking marble without the upkeep.

A new nook for the coffee maker, above the microwave drawer, gives the appliance a designated home out of the way of routine cooking. Two brass sconces and a vintage-inspired faucet bring a few traditional elements into the kitchen, which helps it blend with the rest of the home.

During this remodel we also swapped carpet in the dining room for some fresh hardwoods, plus new paint and lighting. Clever small space design is the test of truly skilled designer, and we were happy to work with Kirsten Dumo for space planning on this project. With the homeowners’ expert-level styling, this neutral space is one of our favorite small kitchen remodels to date.



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