Montlake Makes it More

Location: Montlake, Seattle, WA

Scope: Exterior

Sustainability: Built Green 3-Star

After giving birth to their first child, this young family decided they wanted their house to grow with them. So, they called Model Remodel to help them open up the main floor of their home and create a larger front porch. The changes would also take advantage of the beautiful views of Lake Union and the Montlake Cut.

During the remodel, Model Remodel changed the front door’s location, to create a different entryway. The crew also built out the porch, from a 4×4’ stoop to the one you see in pictures. They were careful to preserve the character of the early century home, with features like the columns and lights.

For increased sustainability and healthy living, the crew installed a more efficient furnace inside, which improved the heated air circulation and achieved a warm and inviting experience in the most-used rooms of the home. Model Remodel vastly improved the heating performance of this home through adjustments to existing ducting, installation of a more efficient furnace, added insulation and the use of no-VOC paints and floor finishes. The project achieved a Built Green 3-Star rating.


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