Remarkable Laurelhurst Green Remodel

Designer: CAST Architecture

Location: Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA

Scope: Whole House Remodel, Addition

Sustainability: Built Green 4-Star

Built in 1947, this house had two very important things going for it: its Laurelhurst location and the family’s 10-year history living there. But it had limitations, too, requiring the family to consider a major remodel. With the client’s goals articulated, architect Tim Hammer of CAST Architecture not only captured but enhanced their vision. After two years of planning and one year of working with Model Remodel, they realized a gorgeous whole-house transformation.

The vision included improving the home’s functionality, providing additional living space while maintaining the original footprint, creating a healthier environment, delivering on Built Green 4-Star certification, and interpreting a traditional Japanese story with modern design and aesthetics.

Photo credit: Tim Matsui, CAST Architecture


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