Retro Refurbish for Added Comfort

Designer: Cat Schmidt, Model Remodel

Location: Magnolia, Seattle, WA

Scope: Sunroom, Bathroom

When this Magnolia family came to Model Remodel for ideas to update their home, our in-house designer was more than happy to offer a few ways in which they could update their abode. While the kitchen received some minor upgrades (new countertops), it was the front sunroom and the upstairs bathroom that needed the most attention.

The sunroom was not insulated properly, and had some pre-existing damage and a slope to the floor. We brought the space up to date by essentially rebuilding the sunroom on top of it’s exisiting foundation. We leveled the floor, installed storm windows, added weatherstripping, installed an in-wall heater and gave it all a fresh coat of paint. Our team also added some custom storage solutions and hangers to make the space more useful as an entry and exit point of the home. We happily installed a microchip cat door that would allow their outdoor cat to venture outside, while keeping their other cat indoors. The beautiful stained glass accent windows remained a focal point of the space.

In the bathroom upstairs, we added a wonderful, walk-in shower nook to compliment the retro clawfoot tub. We found new tile that would bring the bathroom up to date, while keeping its charm. We cozied up the bathroom by adding in-floor heating and an electric towel warmer.

The resulting sunroom and bathroom remain true to the home’s character, but make the spaces more comfortable and useful.

Photos: Cindy Apple Photography



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