Sammamish Bath Goes Zen

Designer: Morgan Ennis, Model Remodel

Location: Sammamish, WA

Scope: Bathroom

Between their corporate jobs and their two kids, this Sammamish couple is busy. However, with some help from Model Remodel’s in-house designer, they were able to seamlessly remodel their dated guest bathroom.

How do you make a remodel as quick and straightforward as possible, for two busy people? The couple first described their vision to the designer and asked her to present two different bathroom plans. Then they cherry-picked their favorite features from each. The chosen aesthetic was clean, modern and with simple detailing.

The designer got creative to make the bathroom appear larger than it started. First, she picked tile planks with long grains that gave the illusion of an elongated room. Second, she chose a vanity open at the bottom, to give the illusion of more space in the entire room. Last, she chose a mirror with a deep frame that acted as a built-in ledge. This gave a little extra depth in the room and allowed for extra storage for small items, such as a tooth brush or hair brush.

The project boasts other nice changes, too. The toilet is dual flush, the faucet is low-flow, and a sleek new shower replaced the old builder-grade tub. The use of dark and light tile created clean lines and broke up any monochromatic feelings. The tile is definitely a conversation piece, even more beautiful in person than in pictures.

Now, the couple can return to life’s many other to-dos and enjoy their new, luxe bathroom.

Photo credit: Cindy Apple Photography


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