Stylish Upgrades for Two Heavy-Traffic Bathrooms

Designer: Cat Schmidt, Model Remodel

Location: Maple Leaf, Seattle, WA

Sustainability: 80-90% recycle rate, KCMA ESP certified local cabinetry, LED lighting, low-VOC paint, Energy Star rated bathroom fan, quartz countertops, energy-efficient infrared radiant ceiling panels, low-flow shower heads, toilet and faucets

It’s an all too familiar story: a beautiful home with bathrooms that just weren’t built with enough thought to style or function. Beige walls and brown cabinets weren’t adding any character to this Maple Leaf modern home. The homeowners came to us asking for a more contemporary look in both a powder room and their daughters’ joint bathroom.

The powder room was a blank canvas. The homeowners weren’t afraid to go bold with its face lift, and we were excited to explore the design possibilities. Meanwhile, the jack-and-jill bathroom was prime for a complete overhaul. The new bathroom would need to serve the girls for years to come, and be much more intentional with space.

In the powder room, a purely decorative remodel made for a big impact. The layout remained the same, but everything within was replaced. Beige walls were swapped for moody floral wallpaper and porcelain wall tile in an organic pattern. A minimalist washstand replaced the wood vanity, making the small space feel larger. A one-piece toilet took the place of a dated two-piece, adding a sleek form that would compliment the curves of the flower petals. Delicate wall sconces and a large beveled mirror were chosen for their classic elegance.

We absolutely love how the custom wallpaper turned out! The thoughtful placement of dark space keeps the floral pattern grounded so the wallpaper isn’t overwhelming. Powder rooms are the perfect place to make a statement. They are high-traffic bathrooms with a small footprint so bold looks are easy to accomplish and, likewise, easy to change should you want to switch it up again later.

Upstairs, we also remodeled the jack-and-jill bathroom belonging to the homeowners’ daughters. As a shared space for two young ladies, more storage was of course a priority, as was replacing the bathtub for a walk-in shower. The design was focused on creating a brighter space with more functionality.

Frosted privacy glass replaced a sliding door. The semi-transparent surface, through which some light can still travel, helps to brighten the overall bathroom. Additional can lights in the shower provide illumination from the back of the bathroom where there was no possibility of natural light. Two shower niches provide a storage shelf for both girls.

Similarly, the new vanity area is a wonderful upgrade. Twice the amount of drawers allow for increased customization on either side. In the center lower cabinet we installed a Kohler shelf with electrical outlets. It cleverly allows for appliances to remained plugged in when the cabinet is closed, and has a combination of switched and always-live outlets. More hidden outlets exist in the recessed medicine cabinet above. Replacing the flat wall mirror with a medicine cabinet created extra space to stash things—keeping the countertop clear. Vertical light strips on both sides add even more light for makeup application and hair styling. The jack-and-jill bathroom remodel now has a timeless style that will grow with the girls, and gives them each their own spaces.

Between the added drama of the powder room and the added functionality of the girls’ bathroom, the two rooms are now as customized as the rest of the home.

Photos: Cindy Apple Photography



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