Tranquil White Galley Kitchen

Designer: Cat Schmidt, Model Remodel

Location: Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

Scope: Kitchen Remodel

Sustainability: low-VOC paint, 80-90% recycle rate, eco-friendly Marmoleum floors, LED under-cabinet lighting

This remodel is a shining example of how great design can update the layout of a space while retaining its original charm. The homeowners came to us with a vision of a brighter and more useful room, and are thrilled to cook and bake in their new kitchen.

When remodeling, it’s easy to forget the charm of the original home in favor of more modern design. Sometimes it’s in the best interest of the client or the house to enter a new decade of design entirely, but sometimes retaining a few of the original characteristics can help a room blend into the rest of the untouched home. In this case, careful thought was paid to the small details so that this space felt like the next iteration of the kitchen instead of an entirely new one. The baby blue moved from the countertops to the door, and the cookbooks found a forever home above the fridge. The sitting area that once housed a table and chair, became a stationary sitting nook with extra storage and a comfy cushion to match the color of the floor.

Smart storage solutions were incorporated to keep this baker’s large collection of bakeware and ingredients organized. A large pantry was added next to the door and additional cabinets were built around the refrigerator. A lower cabinet specifically houses baking sheet and cooling racks. The microwave is tucked into the upper cabinets to give the homeowners more counter space, which is illuminated by LED under-cabinet lighting. Knives are neatly stored above the stove on a wall-mount magnetic strip. From top to bottom, the design is in the details.

One of the most unique details of the kitchen is the linoleum floor in “Deep Ocean” blue. Forbo Marmoleum’s Real product line is created from a mix of 2 to 5 colors that are processed together to create a marbling effect. We love Marmoluem as a green building product, since it’s made from sustainable resources and processed using 100% renewable energy. The dark blue the clients chose is a beautiful contrast to the white cabinets and walls. From thoughtful storage solutions to timeless, charming details, this Queen Anne kitchen remodel is a beautiful version of its former self.

Photos: Cindy Apple Photography



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