May 12, 2021

An Honest Conversation with a Contractor About Lumber and Construction Costs in 2021

It’s all over the news: rising lumber prices, shipping delays and a $35,000 increase to the cost of new homes. When the pandemic started last year, most people assumed a downturn in construction was a given, but an unexpected outcome of people being stuck at home was the huge increase in home buying and home

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May 3, 2021

When to Renovate After Buying a New Home

As was recently reported in the Seattle Times, the housing market in Seattle has heated up once again. When faced with inventory shortages and rising prices, many highly motivated buyers are purchasing older homes with the intention to renovate. A home renovation is one of the best ways to fully customize your home, however, choosing

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April 19, 2021

Mindful Materials: The Best Interior Design Swaps for an Eco-Friendly Home

In an era of single-use plastics and cheaply made furniture, there’s a rising tide of companies, designers, builders and homeowners who are pushing for environmental change. Everything, and we mean everything, in your home has an eco-friendly version! It’s up to you to find it and choose it. That’s no small feat, so we’ve developed

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