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Where to Place the TV in Your Living Room

As you start to unpack boxes after a move, one question many homeowners struggle to answer is: Where should I place the TV? With too little or too many options, finding the perfect spot for your TV can be challenging. If you need some inspiration, what follows are several creative TV placement ideas courtesy of the home remodeling pros at Model Remodel.

Above the Fireplace

One popular TV placement option is above the fireplace. This option not only saves space, but also creates a focal point in the room. It’s a natural fit, so long as you don’t mind possibly covering up decorative fireplace stone or taking some of the spotlight away from your mantle. Just imagine cozying up on the couch and enjoying the warmth of the fire while watching your favorite movie. The Camano Island Dream Cabin, featured in our portfolio, beautifully showcases this placement idea. Mounting the TV above the fireplace is an obvious pairing, creating a harmonious and functional space.

Hide Your TV

If you prefer a more discreet approach, you might consider hiding your TV. Yes, hiding! This Shelving & Storage Makeover demonstrates how you can cleverly conceal your TV inside a cabinet. With a simple push, the TV lifts from the cabinet transforming your living room into an entertainment hub. Keeping the TV out of sight when not in use allows you to maintain a clean and minimalist living room aesthetic while still enjoying the benefits of your television. A cabinet isn’t the only place to hide a TV. Tucking your TV behind a sliding wall panel is another clever TV placement idea.

Incorporate Your TV into Cabinetry

When your goal is to exude a sleek and integrated look, consider incorporating the TV into your luxurious cabinetry. From our project portfolio, this Contemporary Downtown Condo makeover showcases this design idea. Integrating the TV into the cabinetry helps create a cohesive and stylish design while maximizing storage and visual appeal. This option works particularly well in smaller living rooms where every inch of space counts. Plus, the cabinetry almost conceals the TV, drawing attention away from the black box and more-so at the overall wall.

Use a Framed Smart TV

Another innovative TV placement idea is a smart television that can double as a piece of art. This Moody Blues Historic Revival example showcases the elegance and functionality of the latest TV trend: framed TVs . When not in use, the TV transitions into a captivating piece of framed artwork that cohesively blends into the surrounding décor. Using your TV as a design element allows you to enjoy the benefits of a TV without compromising your living room’s aesthetics. Frame TVs allow you to change your digital art as often as you like or showcase a large family photo.

In addition to our portfolio examples, here are some other ways to incorporate a TV into your living room:

Media Stands

As a classic and versatile piece of furniture, a media stand holds your TV and provides additional storage for media devices and accessories. With infinite styles and designs available, you should have no trouble finding a media stand to tastefully incorporate into your living room’s look.


Alternatively, you can mount the TV on a wall. This may be the most simple and versatile TV placement idea that saves valuable floor space while allowing for flexible viewing angles. An adjustable wall mount can make it easy to tilt or swivel the TV to ensure optimal viewing from different seating areas, like your favorite recliner.

Entertainment Centers

Another creative idea is integrating your TV into a built-in entertainment center. This custom solution provides a designated space for your TV, as well as ample storage for books, DVDs, and other media items. Custom designing an entertainment center that suits your specific needs will help you create a functional and personalized space for your TV. Entertainment centers are typically large and require a big, open wall.

Final Thoughts on Where to Place the TV in Your Living Room

When it’s time to choose the perfect spot for your TV in the living room, start with function. If you can’t use it properly, it’s not the right place! From there, decide if you want your TV framed, mounted on the wall, or placed on or within a stylish piece of furniture. If you like to watch TV daily, concealing your TV may not make sense for you. If your TV is rarely used, a concealed option might be perfect for you.

Whether you opt for above the fireplace, hiding the TV, integrating it into cabinetry, or a smart TV that resembles art, each idea has pros and cons based on your decor, taste, and TV viewing needs. Ultimately, the key is finding a spot for your TV that complements your space’s decor while optimizing your TV-viewing experience.

How to Find the Right Seattle Remodeling Contractor

When moving into a new home, knowing where to place the TV in your living room can be hard. With that in mind, we always remodel living rooms with the TV in mind. It’s hard to settle down for a night of Netflix when your TV is banished to some awkward corner of the room. Our design experts will make sure your TV viewing experience is baked into your living room, bedroom or basement design.

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Written by Model Remodel

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