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3 Stunning Examples of Modern Pacific Northwest Homes

The Pacific Northwest has a distinct architectural and interior design style. It’s a unique combination of cabin vibes, midcentury design, and international flair. Common design features include local wood species, sleek rooflines, high ceilings, and bright interiors to combat the cloudy winters. These elements combine the region’s natural beauty with modern design to create unique, visually stunning spaces.

If you are wondering if a Pacific Northwest design is right for your Seattle home, what follows are three Instagram-worthy examples built by the professionals at Model Remodel.  

What is Meant by a Pacific Northwest Contemporary Design?

Characterized by a harmonious blend of natural materials, clean lines, and open floor plans, homes with Pacific Northwest homes are known for their connection to the outdoors and focus on sustainability. They often have large windows that invite in natural light while framing breathtaking views of the region’s lush forests, mountains, and bodies of water.

Pacific Northwest design incorporates features that reflect the natural surroundings, especially wood and stone. It’s common to see natural wood soffits, siding, exposed beams, flooring, cabinets or feature walls. Stone siding and fireplaces are also characteristic of Pacific Northwest style.

With a dual focus on simplicity and functionality, the interior spaces of modern Pacific Northwest homes pair minimalist furnishings with open floor plans to create a sense of spaciousness and promote a flow between rooms.

Newly Remodeled Modern Pacific Northwest Homes

Pacific Northwest design is a versatile and can be adapted to reflect one’s taste, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you want to fully embrace a midcentury modern look, integrate a little Craftsman character, or simply add a few elements of PNW design, there’s many ways to integrate PNW design into your modern home. Here are three recent home remodels that showcase Pacific Northwest design:

1. Mediterranean Modern Home

This Mediterranean Modern home features a Pacific Northwest contemporary exterior with a creative interior twist. The owners chose to combine the warmth and vibrancy of Mediterranean décor with the clean lines and natural materials typical of Pacific Northwest design.  

The home’s exterior features are a delightful blend of metal roofing, white and wood siding, concrete steps, and natural landscaping stone—mixing organic and modern elements in harmony. Large windows and a spacious patio allow occupants to immerse themselves in the surrounding scenery and abundant natural light.

Inside, an open floor plan and high ceilings contribute to the home’s airy and inviting ambiance. The tasteful use of warm wood accents, including exposed beams and hardwood floors, adds to the coziness. A natural stone fireplace brings the outdoors in.

2. Timeless Black and White Remodel

This monochromatic remodel is another stunning example of a modern Pacific Northwest home. The beautiful floors and modern furniture add subtle wood warmth to the black-and-white color palette.

As part of the Timeless Black and White Remodel, large windows and doors were installed that bathe the inside of the home with natural light. White paint makes the spaces feel bright and clean, allowing light to bounce around. The open-concept design and kitchen island seating are cornerstones of a modern home layout.

3. Spacious and Bright Whole House Remodel

With its emphasis on natural light and open living spaces, this Spacious and Bright Whole House Remodel is a beautiful example Pacific Northwest contemporary style.

The home’s exterior combines dark blue siding with a natural cedar soffit. Large windows were used to flood the interior with natural light, even in traditionally dark spaces like the stairway or bathrooms. Again, white paint keeps the interior bright and airy. Sleek black handrails provide contrast inside and out, and they add a simple modern appeal.

These three stunning examples of modern Pacific Northwest homes illustrate the versatility and beauty of this architectural and interior design style. Whether you are drawn to the region’s breathtaking natural surroundings or inspired by its commitment to sustainability, Pacific Northwest contemporary homes offer a harmonious mix of modern design and timeless appeal.

At Model Remodel, we are design-build contractors who’ve built a solid reputation in the Seattle area by transforming outdated homes into highly functional, luxurious living spaces with our conception-to-completion home remodeling solutions. Pacific Northwest style is one of our favorites!

Written by Model Remodel

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