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Camano Island Dream Cabin

Working in a unique location is always a treat for the Model Remodel crew. This past year, we worked with Baan Architects to create a one-of-a-kind, upscale cabin on the shores of Camano Island to act as a meeting place for a globetrotting family.

The beachfront cabin, which sits at the North end of the island, is brand-new right down to the foundation. It boasts an enormous La Cantina 23’ x 12’ sliding glass wall and an open plan kitchen and loft to take advantage of the spot’s gorgeous views of Puget Sound’s Skagit Bay and Whidbey Island.

The designer made some appealing choices in the finishes. The white appliances and surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, help to maximize the light in the house. But then a two-story dark gray wall and matching fireplace insert add some sophistication. The airy interior has a distinct wood against steel aesthetic that you can see in the stair and railings combination in particular. Aside from that, the homeowners decorated with a global flair, matching pieces they’ve brought back from their travels.

The new cabin took the place of an older house that was previously on the lot. To cut down on waste, our crew salvaged beams from the preexisting house to use in the new cabin. We also transported some of the old materials for use in other projects that Model Remodel was working on. In addition, a demolition salvage company was hired to divert materials away from the landfill to be repurposed elsewhere.

Model Remodel rose to the challenge of working with a busy international client. Concise communication was needed to make sure the project was meeting the client’s expectations with limited opportunity for input. There was also the challenge of strict environmental codes for the island—there was lots of scrutiny to make sure that the project was environmentally sensitive and wouldn’t impact the protected local wildlife.

The clients are excited to install some landscaping on their own as they put their personal finishing touches on their home away from home. They are looking forward to decompressing and spending quality family time here by the water for many years to come.

Written by Model Remodel

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