Bitter Lake Bungalow Master Suite

Designer: Cat Schmidt, Model Remodel

Location: Bitter Lake, Seattle, WA

Scope: Master Suite

The homeowners of this Bitter Lake bungalow created a lot more bang for their buck when they decided to transform their attic into a glowing master suite.

Prior to the remodel, the attic was a bare, dated single space. It offered limited insulation, and the couple had to travel downstairs to use the bathroom. So, they called Model Remodel to transform the attic into a beautiful master suite.

The project began with Model Remodel’s in-house designer reimagining the whole space. First, she exposed the collar ties and consequently raised the ceiling line, making the relatively small space feel instantly larger and more open. Further improving lighting, she added skylights and strategically positioned one so the homeowners could stargaze from their bed. Finally, she added a closet, a TV nook, and a wall to close in the new bathroom.

The biggest transformation came with the new bathroom, which the Model Remodel crew built from the bottom up. It entails marble hex tile, a bathroom vanity of warm sapele wood, a doorless shower, and a modern track door. The designer also installed a laminated detail behind the vanity mirrors, to add visual texture to the space.

The designer had some interesting challenges in this master suite remodel. For one thing, she had to make the space work for two people of very different statures. On top of that, she had to design into slanted ceilings. Take the vanity mirrors, for example. In order for them to be functional for both the clients and the space, the designer chose a circular model that angled against the wall. The taller homeowner can tilt it up, despite the fact that the mirror is mounted lower. A similar challenge also came into play with the showerhead. Codes require any plumbing fixture to be mounted at a certain height. As a result, the designer had to enlarge the shower, in order to place the showerhead at the right spot, all while keeping the existing window in place.

Despite the extra tweaking needed for the project, the Model Remodel crew executed the designs beautifully, and the clients and designer loved the final product. The space is now warmer, more functional and has a fresh, modern look. Model Remodel was happy to hear the clients say about the space, “It is absolutely a dream.”

Photo credit: Cindy Apple Photography


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