Ensuite Remodeling

A luxurious suite is the definition of home comfort. Your bedroom, and adjoining bathroom, should be your sanctuary.


Transform an Ordinary Room into a Bedroom & Bathroom Suite

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and arguably where you spend the majority of your time at home. An ideal master suite is a spacious bedroom, accompanied by large closets and an en suite bathroom. If you’re tired of sharing a family bathroom, need more closet space or simply want to personalize your bedroom—we will make it into an oasis all your own. Transform an ordinary room into a main bedroom or undertake a larger project to add a large suite in an unexpected place. Some of our most common projects are converting attics into master suites, finishing a basement to add a secluded master suite, and building a master suite home addition. There’s many ways to achieve a master suite remodel you’ll love.

Design Options for Your Bedroom Suite

Spacious and Open Design

The key to a truly wowing main bedroom and bathroom is space. It’s the feeling you get when you enter that signifies it’s the owner’s bedroom and the most spacious bedroom in the house. We will help you determine how big your main bedroom should be, while still making it feel cozy. We’ll apply the same considered logic to your main bathroom and find a way to connect the two that feels seamless.

Increasing Natural Light

Having good lighting in your bedroom, and your main bathroom, is very important. Good natural lighting has been found to increase mood and help you regulate your circadian rhythm. Good natural lighting is also critical to many homeowner’s beauty routines. An unexpected energy savings is also a bonus of natural lighting. In many master suites we build we aim to allow natural light to fill the space during daylight hours, reducing the need to turn on the lights.

Walk-In Closets & Storage

Let’s talk about storage. Most of us have dressers and closets that are bursting at the seams. Don’t even ask about our bathroom vanities. A main consideration when designing a master suite should be plentiful storage to keep clothing and toiletries stored away. We’ve developed unique solutions for integrating walk-in or built-in closets that will make your master bedroom feel more organized and a place of respite. We also design bathrooms with storage in mind. From storage mirrors to vanity cabinets and linen closets, we hope to find a place for everything you own. Clearing the clutter is one of the greatest joys in remodeling!

Adding or Remodeling a Master Bathroom

Many homeowners are stuck sharing a family bathroom and beyond ready to have a space of their own. We get it! Giving parents and children separate space can be a positive change for the whole family. We are specialists at adding bathrooms into existing layouts—like converting a closet or stealing space from an adjacent room. If you simply need a makeover in your existing bathroom, we have decades of examples of our wide range of design-build abilities. Or, if you’d like to connect your bedroom and bathroom—also known as an en suite bathroom—we can do that too.

Building a New Master Bedroom

Sometimes a second story addition or home extension is the best way to gain usable master suite space. We undertake many master suite additions each year that increase home value, add to the home’s square footage and are entirely customized. We will help you decide if adding more space is a solid choice for your home and budget.

Bedroom Suite Remodel FAQs

How much is it to remodel a master suite?

It depends on how large the project is and what needs to be updated. Our Client Services team creates detailed estimates for every project, so you know exactly where your investment is going.

How big should a master bedroom be?

It’s all a matter of preference, but we recommend that a master bedroom fits at least a queen size bed. We help our clients create the best usable space that takes into account furniture size, lighting and the placement of the bathroom.

What is a split master bedroom?

Split bedroom house plans are designed so that the master suite is secluded from the other bedrooms in a home. Master bedrooms are often positioned on one side of the home while the secondary bedroom(s) are placed on the other, giving everyone in the household more privacy.

Can you convert other rooms into a master bedroom?

Yes! Technically, any room can be your primary bedroom, though a master bedroom is usually characterized as being the largest bedroom in the home. If you want to make a bedroom larger and add a bathroom, we may be able to come up with a solution that utilizes space within your existing footprint. You never know the options until you get a professional opinion.

What are the most popular solutions for creating a new master bedroom?

If additional space is what you crave, we can build a new master suite in a variety of ways. Some of our most common projects are converting attics into master suites, finishing a basement to add a master suite, and building a new master suite home addition.

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