Black & White Bathroom with Skylight

Designer: Cat Schmidt, Model Remodel

Location: Wallingford, Seattle, WA

Scope: Bathroom, Kids Bedroom

Sustainability: Low-VOC paint, 80-90% recycle rate, LED lighting, ENERGY STAR certified ventilation fan, solar skylight, low-flow fixtures and toilet, local cabinetry

With the birth of their first child nearing, these Wallingford homeowners decided to update their second floor bathroom to create an attic master suite. The half bath would need a complete remodel to make it into a functional 3/4 bath. The sloped ceiling and dated skylight needed to go! With the help of MRM’s designer, the homeowners embarked on a design-build project that would transform their home without a full dormer addition. The resulting bathroom is a stunning black and white space with eye-catching tile combinations and a warm wood vanity.

To fit a shower, we bumped out the bathroom into the second bedroom. Since the second bedroom was going to be a child’s room, space wasn’t a major concern and it was the perfect place to steal some square footage.

The new, large skylight with a tall curb provides extra headroom and makes the bathroom feel exponentially bigger. The Velux Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight is battery controlled to allow fresh air to circulate into the room. It’s solar-powered⁠ and smart⁠, with the ability to close on it’s own when it senses inclement weather.  The taller wall now provides enough room for a bathroom mirror, which had to be positioned on an adjacent wall before the remodel. White walls and countertops leave ample room tile that adds flair to the bathroom, while complementing the rest of the Craftsman home.

Patterned, porcelain floor tile has the look of hand-painted cement, without the maintenance. The design is mimicked on the shower floor with a fun mini-hex tile design. A gloss black perimeter creates a clear doorway to the walk-in shower with a built-in bench. At the vanity, matte black scallop tile completes the black and white combinations in the room.

Low-flow energy fixtures and LED lighting make the bathroom as energy-efficient as it is beautiful. We also added a few matching skylights with retractable blinds to the master bedroom, as well as new paint and hardwoods. Now the homeowners have an adorable baby boy AND a light-filled master suite, too.

Photos: Cindy Apple Photography


Large bathroom skylight


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