Setting Up the New Office

A month ago, Model Remodel made its new home down the road at 1111 W. Nickerson St. The old office on Westlake is slated for demo, and the site will soon house 725 apartments and a bowling alley, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal. While the staff was sad to say goodbye to the old space, everyone is happily getting settled into the new one!

Among the clicking keyboards and document scans, the office is filled with hammers swinging, drills screwing, and ladders unfolding. While the crew put the essentials in place several weeks ago- desks, computers, bathrooms- now they are putting the finishing touches on the things that make the office feel like Model Remodel. The salvaged items and project photos are finding their way to the walls, and the Model Remodel aesthetic is starting to show.

To see how the space comes together, stay tuned to Model Remodel’s Twitter feed, Facebook page and blog. Or, come on over to 1111 W. Nickerson St. to say hi!

We’re Moving!

mrm-moving-postcard-outlinesAmong the many positive changes of the new year comes a big one for Model Remodel. We’re moving! As of Feb. 1, 2015, you will find the Model Remodel office at 1111 W. Nickerson St., just southeast of the Ballard Bridge. The location is also across the street from our good friends, Greenhome Solutions.

While staff has greatly enjoyed the Westlake location for the last three years and will miss its proximity to the lake and all the booming businesses of South Lake Union, the move was out of our hands. Developers plan to knock down the old Model Remodel office, the West Marine building, and National Sign, in order to replace them with mixed use buildings.

While we are very sad to see the buildings go down, Model Remodel plans to salvage whatever we are able from the office. To match the company’s aesthetics and values,  the crew built the Westlake office from salvaged door slabs, form boards, barn wood and signs, so it’s only appropriate that they would be the first thing to travel with us to the new location. However, since the whole building will come down, we will also have access to things like windows, doors, ducting, cabinets and lighting.

We look forward to making the new office homey and welcoming for clients, subs, vendors and friends. Please update your records Feb. 1 so you know how to find us, and stop by to say hello and see the new space!

1111 W. Nickerson St., Seattle, WA  98119

Retro Capitol Hill Condo

When this young professional moved from Chicago to Seattle, she bought her first condo in Capitol Hill. Working in Seattle’s theater community, Capitol Hill’s proximity to the city’s entertainment culture was a good fit. However, the dated appearance of the condo wasn’t. Before moving in, she called on Model Remodel to give the unit an overhaul and incorporate her fun retro taste.

In the kitchen, as the project progressed, the team together made an executive decision to remove one wall. This relatively straightforward change made a world of difference, creating a space that felt more open, welcoming and modern. Then, the crew took apart the kitchen and replaced the sink, countertops and appliances. The cabinets, though, got recycled. Instead of ditching them for new ones, the crew removed the old cabinets, sanded them, painted them, and reinstalled them in a slightly different layout. The grey color fell in line with the client’s retro style, and the reuse matched Model Remodel’s environmental values.

The crew incorporated reuse in other parts of the condo, too. They framed the old bathroom mirror with trim salvaged from a previous job. They also removed one of the mirrored sliding doors from the bedroom and framed it for another part of the home. The crew installed more of the leftover trim as trim itself throughout the unit.

In the rest of the condo, the crew added can lights throughout, set up new electrical systems for safety, and installed floating oak flooring. In the bathroom, they put in a heated floor, new tub, shower controls and retro floor tile. The fireplace is the centerpiece of the living room, reconstructed with 50s-inspired thin white brick—very different from the original gas insert and drywall surround.

Model Remodel’s project manager says the best part of the project was working with such a vibrant, enthusiastic client. Any time the crew presented a question or problem, she was quick with decision. Team work was the standout of this remodel.

MRM Seeking Administrative Assistant

we-are-hiringModel Remodel is looking for a new member of the team. We are seeking a full time administrative assistant/receptionist who plays a key role in daily operations. This person is often the first point of contact with clients and colleagues, both in person and on the phone, and is responsible for making all guests feel welcomed and attended to. We are a fun-loving, progressive company that works in a fast-paced environment, and we take great pride in the work we do.

The ideal candidate is/has

  • 3-5 years of administrative/receptionist experience in an office environment
  • Punctual, highly organized, and able to multi-task
  • Proficient with MS Office Suite, including Excel, Word and Outlook, QuickBooks experience a plus
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to work independently, as well as part of a larger team
  • Great communication skills, a great sense of humor, and positive attitude
  • Ability to follow strict confidentiality and privacy guidelines
  • An interest in sustainable building

A few examples of this individual’s primary responsibilities include

  • Assisting president, vice president and bookkeeper
  • Handle and screen incoming calls and visitors
  • Maintaining clean office common areas
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Data entry and filing
  • Create spreadsheets
  • Purchase supplies
  • Run errands
  • Reconcile bank/credit card statements
  • Assist with booking travel, create itineraries
  • Assist with party planning, events, all-staff meetings/socials

Please provide a cover letter and resume via email to Please, no phone calls or third party recruiters. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. This is a full-time position. A detailed job description will be provided at time of interview.

Thank you for your interest!

Model Remodel to Present at the 10x10x10 Green Building Slam

green building slamThe Northwest EcoBuilding Guild for the second time has selected Model Remodel to be a presenter at its 10x10x10 Green Building Slam. The concept—10 companies give 10-minute presentations, comprising 10 PowerPoint slides. All of the presentations are about area sustainable building projects.

The Guild chose Model Remodel and architects Board and Vellum to discuss the salvage and historical preservation of Ada’s Technical Books and Café. Jason Legat and Jeff Pelletier will discuss the motivation for remodeling Ada’s in a sensitive and respectful way, in addition to highlighting the more interesting aspects of the project. It will be Model Remodel’s second time presenting, the first time being in 2012 for the Eastside Harvest House.

The Green Building Slam will take place Saturday, Nov. 15, from 5-10 p.m. at the University of Washington’s Kane Hall. Tickets are $20 for Northwest EcoBuilding Guild members or $25 for the general public. We hope to see you there!

Eastlake Small Space Maximized

The owners of this 488-square-foot condo comprise a fun Yakima couple and their Seattle-based daughter. The family views this small space as an investment property but also loves having it for the time being. Its Eastlake location in the heart of the city is perfect for their interests. It provides an urban lifestyle for the daughter, living there full time now. However, when she moves out, it will turn over to the parents, who are highly involved in Seattle’s theater community and plan to use the condo for weekend trips to shows. When the family is ready to sell, though, their investment is sure to pay off, due to the condo’s prime location for young professionals in South Lake Union.

With all their future plans, they asked for the help of Model Remodel’s in-house designer to make the small unit as sleek and functional as possible. She presented two full concepts to the family that included plans for the kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area. One of the main objectives was getting the most out of storage space in the small unit, keeping the appearance uncluttered and sophisticated. After feedback from the clients, the designer was ready to move forward with construction plans.

The Model Remodel crew reworked nearly every surface in the condo. In the kitchen, they replaced the old cabinets with ones that stretched all the way to the ceiling, maximizing the cabinets’ storage. They replaced the dated appliances with European, smaller-than-standard ones. The team picked beautiful Palissandro laminate cabinets, paired with white quartz countertops with a waterfall edge. The cabinet doors also operate on slick push latches. The crew used the same cabinets in the bathroom and living room, for a cohesive look throughout.

Other changes include cork flooring throughout, as the mother and daughter love yoga and thought the flooring would work well for their practice. The crew also installed some chic sliding door partitions between the sleeping area and living room to provide privacy, despite the small space’s open layout. The team also made way for more vertical storage in areas such as the bedroom closet and bathroom.

The family is thrilled with the new look. All the changes created a space that was more organized and functional, in addition to being more stylish. It is a terrific unit for the clients to own for the next several years to come.  An added bonus, they were an absolute pleasure for Model Remodel to work with. The designer said about the wonderful clients, “They were great. I’ve never laughed so hard in meetings as I did with them.”

Greenwood Kitchen in Blue

This 1902 home has an interesting history. Rumor has it that Gus Knudson- one of the Woodland Park Zoo’s earliest animal keepers- built and owned the house. Many of the out houses in the neighborhood were used to shelter animals, and these homeowners were even told monkeys likely played around on the structure in their backyard!

Many years later, these 21st century homeowners were ready to make the kitchen in the main house a little more modern, while keeping the charm of the home’s vintage origins.

The first challenge was enhancing the existing space without altering the layout that this young Greenwood couple liked. The crew began by removing everything, to create a fresh slate. From there, they replaced the old, black-and-white checkered tile floor with gleaming Bay Laurel hardwoods. They then replaced the cabinets and added crown molding along the ceiling, making the relatively small kitchen appear taller and more elegant. They also installed new light fixtures and under-cabinet lighting that brightened the entire space. Perhaps the conversation piece of the kitchen, though, is the client’s choice for bright blue accents. With a wall color named “Fiji” and a backsplash tile color called “Crater Lake,” the color palette is definitely a standout in this kitchen.

Perhaps the defining success of this project is that the homeowners now spend as much time communing with guests in the kitchen as they do in the rest of their house!

Sustainability features of the project include low-VOC paints and finishes; locally sourced cabinets and countertops; air sealing around the window and stairs; and sustainably harvested wood floors. Greenhome Solutions was a strong partner in the project, providing a number of the environmentally friendly finishes.

Phinney Ridge Refurbished

This young couple had the foresight to know that some relatively minor changes to their attic would create a whole new look. With a little work, a dark, dull, unrefined space seamlessly changed to a vibrant, well-lit, charming master bedroom and future nursery.

To arrive at that point, the clients first demoed the low, lath and plaster ceiling and exposed the existing brick chimney. Then, Model Remodel came in to adjust the ceiling structure. It was not an easy task, as the ceiling sloped more than 2 inches over 8 feet. Then the crew installed tongue and groove ceiling boards, instead of the more ordinary drywall. They refinished the old, damaged fir flooring and installed some challenging trim around the doorways. They built in closet storage, changed out lighting, and replaced a window. The homeowners provided the finished look with light grey paint. All these touches worked together to preserve the character of the craftsman home.

In the future nursery- currently an office- the clients removed the dark paneling and ripped out the old, red carpet. The crew then drywalled the space and installed fresh, new carpet. They reworked the closet door so it would open from inside the small room, rather than from the main space. One highly deliberate choice was keeping the small, church-like leaded glass window, also to preserve the character of the home.

Now, the room functions well as a cozy office and will be a sweet nursery one day, conveniently adjacent to the main space.

Saving Space with a Murphy Bed

As Seattle becomes a more and more dense city, and people are living in homes of all shapes and sizes, space-saving solutions are of the essence. Twice as of recent, clients have brought a fun idea to the table, no pun intended. The Murphy bed has been a great option for clients, for both functionality and style.

In the Laurelhurst Whole House Remodel, the couple found that their one guest bedroom wasn’t quite enough space for regular visits from family. However, because one of the homeowners works from home often, it didn’t make sense to convert her office to another guest room altogether. The Murphy bed was the perfect solution to have the best of both worlds. The space easily changes over from a table to a bed, depending on the need. See photos above.

In the Fremont Houseboat project, maximizing space within limited square footage was a necessity. The homeowner has two young kids who live with him part time. During the home’s remodel, the crew converted the single sleeping loft into two separate spaces with pocket doors for the kids, but the client needed his own sleeping solution, too. The Murphy bed was it. The homeowner ordered Resource Furniture’s Ulisse Dining Murphy bed. Its special feature is the way the table smoothly tucks under the bed when the bed reclines, even with items left on the table. Now, the area adjacent to the houseboat’s kitchen can function as both a dining room and a bed for the homeowner. See preliminary photos of the houseboat Murphy bed above.

Whether it’s creating more space with a Murphy bed or finishing off that basement or attic, Model Remodel is here to help. Let us know how we can help make your space work for your needs.

Redmond Revamp

Between some nagging leaks in doors and windows and the wish for a new kitchen, this Redmond couple decided it was time for a revamp of their space. Coates Design thought up and drew plans that were as beautiful as they were functional, and the result is a total makeover.

Half the remodel targeted the exterior of the home. In the entryway, the crew replaced the door and built a wood screen. The changes let in more natural light and warmed up the entry. Staff also built a new canopy over the door that better melded with the existing slope of the roof. The neighbors were happy about this change, as the former taller canopy blocked their view of Lake Sammamish.

For the solarium and windows near the home’s deck, Coates designed a new look that would give the appearance of one window unit instead of several different ones. The key was making the windows’ sills all align. The aluminum siding panels underneath the windows tie the look together.

Perhaps the conversation piece of the house, though, is the new kitchen. The husband in the couple is an avid cook, and the existing kitchen was somewhat limiting. The new design created more storage space, left room for high-end appliances, and made entertaining guests easier. The clients wanted warm colors to match their walnut furniture and incorporate their valued credenza. The crew gutted the kitchen and brought in all new items, staying in a warm color palette. The backsplash tiles complement the Abodian white oak cabinets, and their hue changes from brown to beige to light green depending on the lighting. A bonus to the open floor plan—when the couple or friends sit at the bar in the new island, they are now able to take in the lake view.

However, the crew did a lot more work to the indoor space than just the kitchen. They refinished the floors, replaced the fireplace, and swapped out the railing. The crew powder-coated the rails to match the new windows, and the client picked out lighting that also matched, tying everything together. The TV is conveniently tucked away behind a touch-latch door, which matches the kitchen cabinets.

Though there are many beautiful features to admire in the new space, Model Remodel supervisor Jasun Sherman says his favorite thing about the project was working with such wonderful clients.

Photo credit: Cindy Apple Photography