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10 Bright Bathroom Lighting Ideas

In addition to improving your daily routine, a well-lit bathroom can be a real mood enhancer when it’s time to escape from life’s stressors for a while. A bathroom remodel provides the perfect opportunity to introduce more lighting into your space without scrimping on style. If you need inspiration, here are ten bathroom lighting ideas to consider when planning out your bathroom design.

Recessed Bathroom Lights

Neutral master bathroom with freestanding tub and walk-in shower

Recessed can lights are a tried-and-true fixture for bathroom lighting. They are complimentary to just about every light fixture and style there is, since can lights blend into the ceiling so much you hardly know they’re there.

A few recessed lights are almost always recommended to add overhead light, whether it’s to enhance the overall space or illuminate an alcove shower. In this attic bathroom, the designer used recessed lights above the soaker tub, as well as white surfaces, glass elements, and sconces above the vanity to augment natural light filtering in through the window. White sconces and pendants provide excellent mood light at night, they are often not bright enough on their own to fully illuminate a bathroom in the dark. Strategically placed recessed lights above a tub or in a shower provide artificial illumination when or where natural light is not available.

Bathroom Skylights

In addition to the solar-powered skylight located inside its eye-catching walk-in shower, this attic bathroom stays bathed in natural light throughout the day thanks to clerestory windows. The space’s LED mirror medicine cabinet, clean white surfaces, and above-the-vanity wall sconces keep it well-illuminated even on overcast days. This bathroom remodel is a great example of multiple lighting solutions being combined to create a well-lit space from every angle.

Schoolhouse Bathroom Sconces

Because of their ability to distribute an even amount of ambient light, Schoolhouse lights have been used as a design element and illumination source for nearly a century. In this compact attic primary bathroom schoolhouse sconces and a frosted window provide just enough lighting when paired with reflective surfaces.

Traditional Over-Mirror Vanity Lights

White subway tile paired with mixed metal brass and chrome accents deliver a clean, crisp look in this neatly remodeled dormer bathroom. Those elements also help this space shine by reflecting the light originating from its two large windows and decorative fixtures strategically located above the mirror. 

Globe PendAnt Bathroom Lights

Globe pendant lights are another timeless lighting option. This eco-friendly, teal bathroom is all about the combination of natural and modern elements—a globe light fits in seamlessly. Along with white, reflective wall tile, a glass shower door, and circular mirror were all used to brighten up the space. Located above the sink, a globe pendant light helps soften the straight lines of the room’s wood vanity and shelves.

Back-Lit LED Bathroom Mirrors

An LED mirror contains energy-efficient LED bulbs that light up its surface to provide task lighting that is especially useful for makeup application or hair styling. In this spa-like bathroom, a muted color palette featuring luxurious-looking grays and whites was combined with an LED mirror to dramatically brighten up the room and improving its functionality.

Modern Bathroom Sconce Lights

A hanging pendant light or LED-lit mirror may be overkill in small bathrooms or powder rooms. Instead, a few sconces can provide enough light. This tropical-themed powder room boldly combines modern sconces with aged brass fixtures and all-white surfaces to provide the perfect amount of illumination for users who want to do a little primping.

Dimmable Vintage-Inspired Bulbs

Another sconce option is to choose a style that uses vintage-inspired bulbs. You can now get energy-saving LED light bulbs that are made to look like incandescents. This type of bulb typically falls on the warmer end of the light spectrum and is the perfect option for a moody bathroom. These dimmable lightbulbs would also be a great option if you often take evening baths to decompress and would enjoy a softer light.

Under-Counter Bathroom Lighting

Mod Bathroom Built-Ins & Refresh | EHEX tiles and undercabinet vanity lighting

Consider lighting in an unexpected place, such as under a floating vanity, to provide extra mood lighting. This home’s primary bath got an illumination upgrade that included large mirrors, wall sconces, under-counter lighting, and other reflective finishes that make the space appear much brighter, larger, and spa-like.

“Wow-Factor” Chandelier Lighting

Large and tall bathrooms call for “wow-factor” bathroom lighting to match the grand scale of the room. A crystal chandelier, or even a sleek and modern one, can create visual appeal in the most interesting way. The goal is to draw the eye upward and accentuate the space. Be sure to choose a style that matches the rest of the finishes and is either dimmable and/or your desired color temperature.

Finding a Great Bathroom Designer

Whether it’s a petite powder room, spa-like experience, or something in between, a bathroom remodel will overhaul your daily routine for the better. If you’re unsure where to start, find a bathroom designer that can help you narrow down the choices. At Model Remodel, we are design-build contractors who’ve built a solid reputation in the Seattle area by transforming outdated homes into highly functional, luxurious living spaces with our conception-to-completion home remodeling solutions. To get started bringing your bathroom remodel to life, tell us more about your objectives today through our online form to meet one of our talented interior designers.

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