Ballard Remodeling

Ballard is arguably one of the most unique and hip neighborhoods in Seattle. We love it for its fantastic restaurants, industrial vibe, water access andโ€”of courseโ€”its eclectic mix of older homes.

Your Ballard Remodeling Experts

With new housing and businesses popping up everywhere, Ballard is continually one of the fastest growing and most sought-after Seattle neighborhoods. Whether you’ve just moved to Ballard, or have been lucky to live there for a while, we’ll help you transform your unique Ballard abode into a home for modern living.

Located just a few minutes across the Ballard bridge, Model Remodel is poised to help you with your next remodeling project. We love helping Ballard homeowners update their homes, while retaining the character of the neighborhood that Ballard is so famously known for. We’ve worked in all corners: Sunset Hill, Loyal Heights, Whittier Heights, Crown Hill, North Beach/Blue Ridge and everything in between.

We will highly and enthusiastically recommend Model Remodel to everyone we know who is looking for a top-notch contractor.Sarah, Ballard homeowner

Benefits of Choosing Model Remodel:

Located Nearby

Our office and workshop is located just across the Ballard Bridge on Nickerson St (right across from Rooftop Brewing Co. & Greenhome Solutions). Our nearby location makes it easy for you to stop by for design meetings, and likewise easy for our team to come to your home. The short distance means a quick stopover to our workshop for the construction crew and less car miles traveled, which is great for the environment!

Familiarity with the Neighborhood

We’ve worked in just about every little pocket of Ballard. We know the building codes, the styles and the neighborhood nuisances that will help your project run smoothly from start to finish. Some of our team also lives in Ballard, so we truly understand the aesthetic of your area.

Relationships with Local Vendors & Subcontractors

We never hesitate to hire the right person or team for the job, no matter the distance, but we also know plenty of great people located right in Ballard that can help bring your home vision to life. From metalworkers to tile specialists and more, we can help you support your local economy if you so choose.

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