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7 Neutral Interior Designs That Are Anything But Boring

Let’s face it: bold, eclectic spaces don’t appeal to everybody. Some homeowners prefer simple, neutral interior designs. Unfortunately, opting for neutral colors can make a room feel lackluster and, frankly, boring if not executed with intention. With proper design planning, however, neutral interiors can bring just as much awe and excitement as bold ones.

What are neutral colors?

There is some nuance to the term “neutral colors.” Essentially, neutral colors have little to no saturation. Saturated is the intensity of a color—a bright, rich blue color is much more saturated than a pale, baby blue. A neutral color palette uses colors like white, cream, beige, taupe, brown, gray, and black.

The interior designs below use neutral colors to give each remodeled space an updated, but classic, look. From these examples come 7 tips to keeping your neutral interior design lively and anything but boring.

Create Contrast

Neutral doesn’t have to mean all-white. Certain neutral colors, like gray and brown, come in light and dark tones. Contrast can bring a neutral color palette to life. Darker colors often look best on the bottom half of a room to ground the space—opt for darker floors or choose a dark color on your lower cabinets but a lighter color for the uppers. But don’t be afraid to break interior design rules every now and then when remodeling. A black or dark gray painted ceiling can make a bold statement without clashing with the rest of the room. A good rule of thumb is to keep it within the same color family, like these light gray cabinets with a dark gray floor. Similarly, you could choose griege cabinets with a dark wood floor.

Add Custom Features

A simple way to elevate a neutral space is to add stately, one-of-a-kind features. These features could be custom built-ins, exposed ceiling beams, trim details, fireplaces, and more. Choose one or two features that complement each other and opt for neutral colors in the rest of your space. The custom features give your interior interest without overpowering the look. Neutrals are always a great choice in a basement, like this, because they brighten up the traditionally dark space.

Incorporate Patterns

Patterns are a great way to add interest to a space without necessarily adding color. In small spaces, choose just one pattern as the focal feature. In larger rooms, you could mix in a few patterns—choose coordinating wallpaper, tiles, or fabrics. Be sure to break up your patterns with solid neutrals to create a balanced look.

Embrace All-White

When in doubt, a shade of bright white is typically a safe bet. The color white makes a space feel open and airy and will always be in style. It also makes the perfect backdrop for other elements in your room. For example, if you choose white cabinets and walls, your beautiful kitchen appliances, flooring, accessories, and decor will shine that much more. As long as you choose materials with a little variation, like this wavy subway tile and marble-like countertop, there will be plenty of beauty in the look.

Use Texture

Using a variety of textures keeps s neutral interior design from falling flat. Consider incorporating organic textures like stone and reclaimed wood. Keep in mind, the furnishings you choose for your space can also bring in some texture. Fabrics like burlap, boucle, suede, and linen feel cozy and lived-in, even when neutral in color. This combo of textured white fireplace tile and reclaimed wood shelving creates an effortless beachy look.

Consider Warm Whites and Creams

There are hundreds and hundreds of shades of white. If you want to incorporate a neutral color palette while remodeling your home, but are afraid it may feel too sterile or cold, consider using warmer whites and creams. Shades of white with warm undertones keep a room neutral while also cozy and inviting. If you’re feeling daring or working with a professional designer, consider using both cool and warm shades of white in your design for an elevated look like this primary bathroom with cream and marble.

Compliment the View

A neutral color palette is the perfect backdrop for rooms with incredible views. Keeping the color of your walls, floors, and cabinets neutral ensures the view outside your windows attracts all of the attention. In addition, the neutral colors and serene surroundings will create a relaxing and calm ambiance. Let the view do the talking!

To incorporate neutral interior design into your home, reach out to us! Our team of expert, in-house designers will suggest a combination of textures and materials to ensure your neutral space is stunning.

Contact us today to start planning your beautiful, neutral remodeling project.

Written by Model Remodel

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