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We work with clients and architects to design and build bespoke custom homes in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Our approach to home building is simple: the best homes take time, a trusted team and quality craftsmanship. There’s no substitute for any one of these ingredients.


Truly Custom Homes

Our approach: new construction is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires trust, communication and creative problem solving that only come from well-developed, long-term relationships. We really get to know our clients and their families as we begin to develop the best custom home solutions possible for them. No detail is left unexplored. Every home has unique requirements, so we carefully select a team of specialists to bring the idea to life. The effective choreography of our team is just one of the reasons architects and clients seek out our new construction or whole house remodel services, and choose us as their Seattle custom home builder.

Our Design-Build Process

If your home is in need of a full remodel, we can help! A design-build company a single entity which provides both the design and construction services in order to simplify a construction project. Our step-by-step design-build process ensures that the whole project team—clients, designers, managers and builders—are all stakeholders in the success of a project from the very beginning. When investing in a large remodel it’s important to have many people working in tandem who trust and respect each other. Design-build comes with many advantages, and is a popular choice for home homeowners who value simplicity and efficiency.

Custom Homes vs Floor Plan Templates

Our expertise is best used to craft bespoke homes. We don’t use floor plan templates. Instead, we prefer to get to know our clients and the way they live. We find this creates a much more satisfying home and allows us to be exponentially more creative. In addition to our own designers, we also work with architects who have the same philosophy.

Building a Sustainable Home

You’ll notice that most of our new construction and whole house remodeling projects have a common thread: sustainability. We use this term to encompass everything: energy efficiency, sustainable materials, reuse, recycling and more. Sustainable building is core to our company values no matter the size of the project, but larger projects have a larger potential for minimizing environmental impact. When designing a whole house you can choose whole house systems, like solar arrays or radiant heating, that can have an enormous impact on the efficiency of the home. High-performance homes have the ability to reshape the way we think about housing.

Custom Home Building FAQs

What is a custom built home?

A custom home is one that is designed and built to the specifications chosen by the homeowner. Homeowners that want to build a custom home find an architect or design-build company to guide them through the process of creating a floor plan, choosing materials and finishes and finally building a home that is 100% unique.

Do you need a realtor when building a custom home?

No, but having an understanding of prevailing market prices and ROI is an important first step in evaluating both location and the level of amenities you are considering for your custom home. A certain level of finish and features might maintain value in certain neighborhoods, but not in others. For example, adding an in-ground pool might be great for the summers, but ultimately would not add much value to the home in certain cooler climates.

How much does it cost to build a custom home?

The cost of a custom home depends on the size, style and finishes. Our Client Services team would be happy to speak with interested homeowners and provide initial estimates based on some of those criteria. As of 2020, the typical price per square foot for new construction is around $350 per square foot.

How long does it take to design a custom home?

This, too, depends on a lot of factors. A custom home can take up to a year to fully plan out. This includes creating concepts, flushing out the chosen floor plan, selecting all the finishes, and getting a permit approved. Expect to spend a substantial portion of a year having periodic meetings with your designer or architect—you’ll want to get it just right!

How long does it take to build a custom home?

To build a custom home it typically averages around 8 months, but varies widely by project. Our contracts always give an estimated timeline after we know more about the design intricacies of the home.

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